Accessories Make the Machine!

Look what came in the mail today! A variety of Janome Quilt Maker Pro Feet and several lucious colours of Madeira Aeroquilt thread to use on my fabulous Janome Quilt Maker Pro20 longarm quilting machine. Now it’s time to be even MORE creative!

And don’t worry, ALL of these accessory feet and of course, the thread, can be used on ANY Janome Quilt Maker machine!

The first thing I did was change my regular quilting foot to the Janome Quilt Maker Pro Glide Foot. I love the added visibility using the clear Glide Foot, and especially love it because of its smooth and that it has very little contact with the fabric. The foot seems to just glide over the fabric, so it goes off and on the edges of the quilt top without flipping over the edge and butts up to dimensional applique without getting caught. It’s totally effortless quilting.

The Janome Quilt Maker Pro Square Feet Set are designed to help achieve straight seams while pieing on your quilting frame, or for parallel “matchstick” quilting lines. They come in two sizes, ¼” and ½” The ¼” Square foot is a great seam guide for cottons and low-loft batting, while the ½” Square foot is useful for thick fabrics, high-loft batting or multiple layers of batting.

The Janome EZ Ruler Foot is designed for additional stability and safety while working with rulers. The EZ Ruler Foot has a taller profile than the standard foot which comes on the machines, and the little divot in the front of the foot improves visibility of the needle. The EZ Ruler Foot is also useful. When quilting with rulers, make sure to always use a ruler base, which adds stability when adding pressure to the ruler and the quilt top. 

The Janome Quilt Maker Pro Couching Feet Set come in three sizes to use with a variety of thickness of yarns, threads, or ribbons to add a special fun texture to your project. The yarn, trim or ribbon goes through the hole in the foot to keep it directly under the needle as you move the machine head around. Watch this Janome HQ Instagram LIVE presentation to see just how quick, easy and FUN it is!

Using these special Couching feet adds a decorative texture to your quilt, or quilted fabric which might later be cut up into garments or tote bags. How about adding Yarn Couching quilting to Christmas stockings, or a table runner? The thread colour does not have to match the fiber of the yarn, or ribbon, especially when using textured yarns. The thread will just sink right in and will never been seen! Try it you will love this technique!

The Janome Quilt Maker Pro Clear Echo Feet Set are wonderful for all your beautiful applique quilts. These come in three sizes from ¼”, ½” and ¾” spacing to vary the distance between your quilting. You can add multiple rows of evenly spaced quilting around your applique shapes, like ripples of water on a still pond. Echo Quilting adds great dimension to your piece, and is simple to do, especially with these feet as a guide. Place the edge of the foot on the edge of the applique or the previously stitch seam and just follow the shape. The rows of quilting will create unique designs around the shapes and will accentuate your applique design or piecing.

Of course, all these projects look amazing using Madeira threads. The Madeira Aeroquilt is a strong polyester thread with a mat finish that is perfect for couching yarns with the Janome Quilt Maker Pro Couching Feet Set, or for any style of quilting. Available in many colours, as well as multi-colour cones to blend in or stand out to show off your quilting.

Contact your local Janome Canada dealer for more information on all these wonderful Janome Accessories for your longarm quilting machine. They really help you get the most from your machine and add so much fun to the creative process!

Happy Quilting!


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