It is almost 2019!!!

At this time each year, we look back at what we have accomplished and look forward to plans for the future.

Did you notice that we now have a fabulous new website? has undergone an extensive transformation and now aligns more closely with It contains MUCH more information about machines, feet and accessories. Do check it out…..we are simply thrilled with this improvement to (pic’s above & below reflect our new look).

We are also very proud to tell you that janomelife continues to grow each year. 2018 was no exception! This year we have had:

  • the highest # of viewers – an increase of over 20% on 2017! 
  • the most # of posts published in one year since we started janomelife in 2010 – an increase of 17% over 2017.
  • the most # of comments from you in any calendar year since we started janomelife. 

Even though we say so ourselves, the Stats speak volumes! And we are thrilled about this as it tells us that we are doing things right.  Evidently, you find janomelife a very useful forum. You also tell us this at shows and at Janome Dealer’s stores so we hear you……thank you for embracing what we try very hard to provide for you on an ongoing basis. Thank you for coming back and reading our posts so regularly. We appreciate your time and loyalty.

What do you get at janomelife? 

  • valuable information and learning resources about your Janome machine(s); feet/accessories etc.  Use the search box to look up archived posts to find info you seek.
  • the opportunity to ask us quick queries. Use our comment box. 
  • gain sewing inspiration and ideas for projects on a wide range of sewing topics ….ongoing.
  • sewing techniques…..brush up on things you may have forgotten or learn new techniques.
  • how-to project instructions from our educators, artisans and more.
  • sewing advice on a wide range of topics
  • photo’s: step by step instruction as well as “eye candy” and project ideas
  • video’s
  • links to many other useful and informative websites
  • your place to come to stay up to date on all things Janome including new machines, feet & accessories as well as other products like many of those we have mentioned recently: thread, cushions, dress forms, sewing lights, etc – all available at your local Janome Dealer

Sherri at Thread Riding hood is one of our artisans and you can see she really loves her Skyline S9!

2018 in review: 

This year we started 2 new monthly posts: “Glad you asked that” and “Educator Pick of the month”. We also continued with our popular monthly “Foot of the month”: series.

Follow or subscribe and each time we publish a post it will pop into your email box…….so you do not miss out on announcements about new products and great information about a wide range of our machines, feet and accessories as well as inspiration and ideas for Janome projects of many types. We tell people all over Canada that your email address is not used for any other reason than this. If the email is on a sewing topic that interests you, go ahead and read it when you have time to sit with a cup of coffee. If not, just delete the email. We usually aim for 2 – 3 janomelife posts per week. During this month of December 2018, yes, there were more posts than that but we had so much to tell you during the Holiday season. One almost everyday is not the norm.

Comment Box: We reply to you if you send us a comment in the box below each post. Generally we aim for a reply within 24-48 hours although if we are travelling or need to research an answer for you, it may take  a little longer. This comment forum is designed for quick, simple answers to queries OR for you to give us feedback on post content… liked it or you would have preferred more or other information.  We are unable to use this Comment forum for lengthy content which is better addressed by your local Janome Dealer at an owner’s class or store lesson.

So where to in 2019?

  1. More of the same as it seems we are hitting the mark!
  2. We do listen to your feedback and have decided to continue into 2019 with our “Foot of the month” and “Glad you asked that” – Watch for these each month OR may we suggest you follow our janomelife blog. This essentially involves giving your email address in the appropriate Follow box on the right hand side of the screen of janomelife (if you have not already done so…..and you can unsubscribe at any time later if you wish).
  3. Our team of Janome Canada Educators as well as our team of Janome Canada Artisans offer regular input on janomelife.  We will all continue to do this in 2019.
  4. Watch for a new monthly post: Janome Machine of the month.
  5. We will also introduce Janome Project of the month in addition to the pretty and practical project inspiration we already offer ( some with full project instructions/tutorials) from our team of educators and artisans. Let us know if you have specific projects you might like to see on Janome life?
  6. The addition of more educators and artisans to the team with even more expert input coming your way on janomelife.
  7.  Your Suggestions are always welcome…..drop us a note in the comment box to let us know what you like, what you would like to see improved + what additional things you’d like to see on janomelife. We read all your comments and will try our best to accommodate your requests and suggestions.
  8. Do you like the janomelife giveaways? Well, we think you do judging from the many entries we get! So we will endeavour to keep offering these from time to time.  Be sure to enter before the current Holiday giveaway closes later today! Check out our post on 24th December for details if you have not entered yet.

Here’s to a fun filled and very creative 2019 with Janome!

Happy New Year! 

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Just in time for Christmas

One more dress. Just in time for Christmas.


This has to been my favourite dress pattern. I can’t even count how many times I’ve made it now. The Made-By-Rae’s Geranium Dress is definitely a staple in my sewing repertoire.

I was going through my fabric stash in the week before Christmas and came across this adorable fabric that I had picked up last year in the hopes of making some gift bags. While I never got around to that project, I knew this fabric would be perfect for a fun Christmas dress for my now one-year old daughter (can you believe she’s one already?? I certainly can’t!).


I’ve made this dress so many times that I don’t even need to look at the instructions anymore.


It was the perfect outfit for our Christmas get-togethers this year. (Yes, she’s walking now… my world is forever changed!)


I had so much fun making that dress, that I decided to make two more. One for each of our nieces. I mean, why not? A week before Christmas is plenty of time to start and finish handmade gifts (although, if I’m honest, it might have been less than a week at this point).


Not Christmasy fabric but who could resist dressing up your three and five year old nieces in adorable cat fabric. (They have a cat and are big cat fans.)


Of course, I was sewing on my Janome Skyline S7.


In no time, I had two adorable dresses ready for Christmas gifting.

So maybe one more dress actually turned into three more dresses… just in time for Christmas.


Did you do any Christmas sewing this year? What is your favourite pattern to sew? (Maybe give me some new ideas!!) What are your 2019 sewing plans? I have two quilts I’m really excited to start working on.

Ed: Adding this here as we ask you similar questions in our janomelife Christmas giveaway currently on the go: see the post on 24th December for all the details and get your entry in by close on 31st December. 

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“Last minute” gift tutorial using Janome embroidery Apps.


It’s noon, and you’ve been invited to dinner. You’d like to take a small gift for your hostess, but you have nothing stashed away. No time to run to the store, what do you do?

How about a quick mug rug with a cute raw edge applique? We all have piles of scraps, extra pieces of batting and other fabrics hanging around our sewing rooms, so what better way to use them up than an adorable “quilt as you go” mug rug.  No pattern required!  Simply pull out a large-ish piece of batting (mine was approximately 13×17), some strips of fabric and your favorite notions.


I started with placing the middle strip (roughly, I didn’t measure it) and pinning the second strip on top of it right sides together. Sew it in place, flip it over and press. Continue in this sequence until your whole piece of batting is covered.



Once your batting piece is covered, square it up. I trimmed the really long pieces of fabric as I went. I was able to cut it into two rectangles, about 12×8 in size. (Sometimes it’s easier to make two of something!)  A basting stitch about 1/8″ in from the edge will keep your edges together.


Now time for a quick little applique! I found this adorable free  snowflake applique online, (click here to find it), and downloaded it. Sometimes using the wifi capability of our machine can be a little tricky, so I video’d the steps I took to download and edit the design in our AcuDesign app, which is available as a paid download at the App Store. (Click here to see the AcuDesign app.)

Click here to see the video.

Editor: This video is highly recommended as you will see how to use our Janome iPad Apps: AcuDesign App, AcuSetter App for perfect placement of the snowflakes in the hoop and AcuMonitor for “watching”  your embroidery on the iPad if you step away from your sewing room!


After your appliques are finished, simply place your mug rug right sides together on your backing fabric and sew around the edge, leaving an opening to turn. Press, trim your allowances and corners, turn and press again. Topstitch with your favorite decorative or straight stitch.


Here’s a neat tip: If you press your seam allowances open where your opening is, it is much easier to make the edges match after turning it. Top stitch all the way around the mug rug which also sews the opening closed.


If you are running short on time, you can trim the edges of your snowflakes as you drive (but only if you are the passenger 🙂 lol).


Voila! An adorable completed mug rug, embellished just a little, to drink tea and cookies, or milk and pop tarts!



Until next time,


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL……. + a Janome Giveaway for 2 lucky janomelife viewers!!

Well, Christmas is almost upon us. Hopefully you have completed all your Christmas sewing and have wrapped up all the gifts to put under the tree? Hopefully you or your favourite Santa were able to take advantage of the many Janome gift suggestions we put you over the 2 weeks on janomelife?  Reallt hoping it made your gift giving decisions  and the hectic last minute shopping easier for you? If so, do go have a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate – you deserve it    …… You can start the Christmas cooking later!  MERRY CHRISTMAS…….may your time with friends and family be special this season.  And may your time in your sewing room be creative and full of fun!

We have a little janomelife Holiday giveaway for 2 lucky winners……. useful Janome shopping tote plus 2 CD’s of embroidery designs +  5 spools Janome polyester embroidery thread + 1 blister pack of 12 pre-wound Janome bobbins – just so you can stitch out these beautifully digitized designs at your JANOME embroidery machine.

Both these Janome polyester embroidery thread spools (as well as 3 different boxes containing different shades of colour) + the  Janome pre-wound bobbins (in black and white top quality poly 60wt thread) are available for purchase at authorized Janome dealers.

These embroidery designs are also available for purchase on Janome AcuDesign APP: as a collection like on the CD’s above OR individually.

Would you like a chance to win one of these two janomelife Christmas gifts?

Simply send us a comment below with your name PLUS please tell us about one item you sewed for the Holiday season this year on your Janome AND what Janome foot or machine feature you liked using to make this item. (just a brief sentence or 2 is all we require listing these 2 things)

Could be something you sewed as a gift for a loved one on your Janome ?

Could be a Home Dec. item you sewed or machine embroidered on your Janome for the holidays?

Could be a lovely new garment you sewed on your Janome sewing machine or serger to wear during the holidays?

All comments WITH brief mention of project + Janome foot or machine feature you used will be eligible for the draw on 1st January 2019.  

This giveaway offer closes at midnight (Eastern time zone) on 31 December 2018 so be sure to send us your comment this week. 2 lucky people will be contacted early in the New Year and the gifts will be shipped off soon after that. 

Good Luck!!

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Christmas Count down…….Stocking stuffer gift suggestions

Only 2 days to go! Have those stockings been stuffed yet? We have just the things your sewing friends and family will LOVE to open on Christmas morning! Indeed, you probably might like to be your own Santa and pop a few of these into your stocking (never done that before? …..we also need to be good to ourselves?!)

Please see our Look Book Volume 3 link in janomelife post on 12 December 2018 for full instructions of how to make this project. Tamara Kate,  our Janome Canada artisan and spokesperson,  made them with her line of Michael Miller fabrics……..fill your boots with this project, pun intended!

Now what things might we fill our lovely Christmas stockings with?


Janome Purple Tip Needles

JANOME NEEDLES  –  will always be of use to a sewer especially if we are being nice rather than naughty and are remembering to change our needles approximately every 8 hours?? Choose from our wonderful blue tip, red tip and purple tip needles (pic’s above). For more information check out our “Glad you asked that” post earlier this year. Needles part 1 and needles part  2

BOBBINS. We have a few different options to make your sewing easy and fun: we have clear bobbins, and also pink ones and blue ones. Why different colours? Well to  make your life easy if you categorize your thread winding: pink bobbins for cotton thread? blue for polyester etc ? We also sell them in blister packs (empty of thread); pre-wound with thread in black or white and also in cute boxes of 25 bobbins per box as in the pic of blue bobbins above. Take your pick!

NEW SERGER THREAD  Brand spanking new item…..I only received mine a few days ago.  Now available at your local Janome dealer in North America. Awesome Christmas gift for a garment sewer. Comes with 16 spools of good quality poly serger thread in 4 colours: black, white, cream and grey – 4 spools of each so perfect for your brand new Janome AT 2000D Air thread serger below (or your other serger too!). Maybe Santa will bring you our new Air Thread serger though that won’t fit into a stocking! 

BLUE DOT BOBBIN CASE – aka Quilters bobbin case aka Low tension bobbin case. If you don’t have one of these yet, you definitely need to whisper to Santa that you need one! We explained why you need this bobbin case at our Fall 2018 consumer events at selected Janome Canada dealers. If you were not able to attend one of these events, be sure to ask your local Jnaome dealer if they will be hosting one in Spring 2019…..we are planning to come back! Or go to this link for further information. You absolutely will be thrilled with the results with your Blue dot bobbin case for free motion quilting….hand look quilting by machine and Acufil Quilting using your Janome embroidery machine.

TAPING GUIDE FOOT This is one of our newer feet so you may not have seen it? It is an optional accessory so if you think you may need it and have not yet purchased it, you need to be nice to Santa!  Check out this link for further information to help you make adding tape to finish items so much easier. 

Are those stockings full yet? If not……you sure know where to go now!

Wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us here at janomelife: The Janome Canada Education team and our Janome  Canada Artisans.

May you be thrilled with what you find in your stocking and be blessed by the happiness of those who  dug into stockings you stuffed! 

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Christmas Countdown……4 days to go……hurry!!

Celine Ross, our Educator in Montreal, has written this post especially with a holiday theme for you using the Janome Circular sewing attachment.

This is a particularly useful tool. You can use it everywhere you want to embellish such as garments, home dec, quilts, etc…

This time I made a Holiday home dec. project using the Circular attachment to embellish the fabric.

  • You simply follow the information on the back of the blister pack or on the inside of the carton to install the Janome circular attachment to your Janome machine.
  • Then you find the center of your fabric to pin it with the center pin of the Circular attachment.
  • The scale bar and setting marks can be used to slide the fabric to the circle radius desired and then push the lock lever to secure the position.
  • Choose a straight stitch or a decorative stitch and let it sew –  the feed dogs of your machine will feed the fabric in a circle under the foot & needle.

With a decorative stitch, you can place the same thread in the bobbin case as the sewing thread on the top. On the left side of the picture, you can see the top side of the project, and on the right side you can see the back of the project. We hardly see where the start or the finish point is.

You still have enough time to rush into your Janome Dealer’s store to buy this wonderful attachment & add it to your Christmas stocking!

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Christmas countdown……. Gift suggestion #6 Ruler quilting tools

holly image Today we offer gift suggestion #6.  holly image

That means we only have 4 days left until Christmas. Yikes!   Hope you are all ready, but if not, here is great gift suggestion for your favorite quilter. 

A fantastic addition to a quilter’s stash of accessories are RULER feet.  Ruler quilting is the all the rage with quilters.  A fun way to quilt and create new designs and patterns so much more easily. 

QR foot

The QR foot (pictured above) is quick and easy to attach.  The thicker base of the foot is what you need for quilting with rulers.  The open V divet shape at the front of the foot facilitates a better view of the project you are sewing. This QR foot is compatible with the following Janome models: MC 15000 Quilt maker ( version 3); Horizon MC9400 which has been  upgraded for Ruler work ++ and also the new Horizon MC9450. This QR foot is not currently compatible with any other Janome models……see below for which foot to use on other Janome models.

Our Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set (pictured above) meets the needs of most other Janome ruler quilters.  Everyone has their favorite foot to use for quilting.  This set has a Closed Foot for general use: an Open Foot for extra visibility and the Clearview Foot for uneven surfaces and evenly spaced echo  quilting. In addition to the 3 attachments shown in the pic above which are included with the purchase of this foot, there is one more attachment required for Ruler quilting: it is what you see attached to the Convertible free motion foot in pic above (yellow arrow points to it) – most people refer to this as the “Ruler Foot” but that is not the name on the Janome blister pack. It is called the Frame foot set for 1600P. Part # 767434005 but it fits this foot perfectly!  Ask your local Janome dealer to show you these feet.

Perhaps you would like to find our hugely popular Janome Ruler work Kit under the tree next week? Or if you already have it, maybe your bestie might like to find it under her tree? This kit makes it all so easy to do ruler quilting as you have 6 rulers to help you free motion unique motifs on your quilts as well as the essential block marker to help you line the rulers up accurately. In addition, our kit gives you a colour booklet of instructions AND a DVD of step by step instructions and advice as you make the practical project: a folder with pockets in which to store all your rulers. Check out our website for more info about this ruler work kit. And you can also check out Amy’s website (aka the “Ruler Quilting queen” who is also a Janome dealer).

Our Janome HD9 machine (HD stands for HEAVY DUTY) is our brand new straight stitch machine which sews at 1600 stitches per minute and is the perfect machine for sewing and quilting……INCLUDING ruler quilting. We offer a fabulous NEW optional kit of feet and attachments for the Janome HD9 as seen in pic above. The kit contains the Convertible Free Motion Quilting Feet for quilting on a frame and at the sewing table (both options); Ruler work attachment for this; Darning Foot with Darning Plate; Free Motion Glider ( which makes moving fabric around SO easy); Needle Pack; PLUS 2 rulers to get you going with Ruler work : 6″ Curved Ruler and 8″ x 2″ Straight Ruler.

feet on mat

The Free Motion Glider Mat is the perfect fit for the machine bed of the Janome HD 9.

What will You find under the tree this Christmas…….Ruler work feet? Our hugely popular Ruler work kit? HD9 Quilting kit?  Or maybe even our brand new Janome HD9?

Merry Christmas!

holly image




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Christmas Countdown ……Gift suggestion #5: Janome Quilt binder and Tape stand

Just 5 days to go!

Gift Suggestion #5:  The Janome Quilt Binder Set and Tape Stand

One of the most precious gifts to give someone is time. It’s a very valuable, universal gift because who doesn’t need more time these days to get everything done?

The Janome Quilt Binder Set was created to speed-up the process of binding a quilt, therefore making more time available to do other things, and it makes the process much simpler and more enjoyable, too.


Coupled with our new Janome Tape Stand, this is the perfect set-up to get bindings done quickly and easily – with time to spare!


The Janome Quilt Binder set folds the binding fabric over the raw edge of the quilt as it’s about to be stitched in place. ONE time-saving step!

Hands up, who wouldn’t love the gift of more time?

There is a Quilt Binder Set for both the 9mm machines (Part #202-211-008) and 7mm machines (Part #846-421-007). If this is indeed a gift, not to worry, your Janome Dealer will help be sure you get the correct part for the machine in question. (Knowing the machine model number helps immensely).

As with all Janome Presser Feet and Accessories, full instructions to assemble and use the Tape Stand are on the back of the packaging, as well as in this link.


You can see in the drawing on the package that the Tape Stand would work equally well with the fabulous CoverHem machines, like the Janome CoverPro 2000CPX, for example, so it does double-duty; the gift that keeps on giving, lol!

There is a lot more information about the Quilt Binder Set and Tape Stand in previous posts on the Janome Life Blog. Be sure to “Follow” so you don’t miss a post! As well, I have more posts about the Janome Quilt Binder Set coming up in 2019 so be sure to check back for more tips.

Please visit your nearest Janome Dealer for more information.

Happy Christmas Wish List shopping! 

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Christmas Countdown….. Gift suggestion #4 – colourful sewing machines

So easy to use – the hardest part is deciding which colour you love best!

Only 6 days left! Gift suggestion #4: our Janome Colourful series  of machines.

Who wouldn’t LOVE to find a brand new sewing machine under their Christmas tree this year?

Even if you already own a machine, or two (or eleven – as a friend of mine has!), it’s always fun to sew on a new machine with new features; different from your current model. Perhaps you’d like a lighter, smaller machine to take to classes and retreats? OR perhaps you know someone who is new to sewing and would like to learn to sew? Starting them off with a good quality, easy to use machine and a machine which is FUN to use is essential to their success.


Well, what is more fun than these bright, colourful NEW machines from Janome?

Janome has recently launched the exciting NEW Blue Couture, Arctic Crystal and Pink Sorbet machines, so they’re readily available at your local Janome dealer. At a very budget-friendly price, the hardest part will be deciding which colour to choose!

Now, don’t mistake these fun, colourful machines for toys. Though they are adorable, these are full size, working sewing machines with an all metal frame, or skeleton just like all Janome machines. They are built to last!IMG_0960

With many desirable features, the Colourful Series machines offers big bang for your buck. 15 stitches; extra-high presser foot lift; free-arm, which is great for sewing cuffs and hems;

4 BONUS presser feet included (Rolled Hem, Over-Edge, Gathering and

3-Way Cording Guide) which means lots of creativity and versatility in your sewing; 25 year warranty, which is indeed the same for all Janome sewing machines.

Be sure to check out the newly redesigned Janome Canada website, to see what Optional Accessories  are available for these machines. Specialty presser feet make the perfect stocking stuffers, too!

In addition to the detailed instruction manual, and very helpful troubleshooting guide, Janome has prepared a series of Videos to help get you started and comfortable with your new machine right out of the box. These machines were designed with the beginner in mind so they’re definitely starting out on the right foot with confidence.

So, which colour WILL you choose? LOL! Please visit your Janome Dealer for more information. Happy Sewing!!

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THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN …… Gift suggestion #3 Sew Comfortable cushions

Yes, you have just one week left to get all your Christmas sewing and planning done…….so here is Gift suggestion #3: our two new Janome SEW COMFORTABLE memory foam seat cushions. One is the cushion to sit upon and the other is the one for your back – our lumbar support cushion.


They can be purchased individually or as a set of 2.

I have “test driven” both cushions and love them. That memory foam is really quite something special!     Available in plush, soft black velour finish.

PERFECT for your sewing room or office or for a gift for a loved one or friend who could do with some SEW COMFORTABLE Christmas cheer!

Go ahead……whisper in Santa’s ear that you would love to find these Sew Comfortable cushions under the tree! 

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