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ARTISTIC DIGITIZER: Save time with auto digitizing as opposed to manual punching.

It takes time to create a beautiful embroidery design.  Artistic Digitizer helps us by utilizing graphic images to auto digitize them for us. Understanding file types will help us on our way. Here is a quick review to help save … Continue reading

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ARTISTIC DIGITIZER: Pattern & Design Information

Embroidery design information is essential in helping to choose the fabric, stabilizer, thread weight, and colors.  Artistic Digitizer aids our decision making by providing all these little details right on the screen for us. Open the program and bring in … Continue reading

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Should you Resize an Embroidery Design?

That is the question! Can a 7″x7″ embroidery design, be reduced to a 2″x 3″ embroidery design for example? For basic resizing in all Janome embroidery machines, designs can be reduced or increased by 20%. The machines don’t have an … Continue reading

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I had heard about an embroidery design company called Kreative Kiwi many years ago but had never actually purchased any of their designs. Recently a friend re-introduced me to these designs (thanks, Kay!) and I may or may not have … Continue reading

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Digitizing Paintings with Artistic Digitizer

I recently discovered the world of Janome Artistic Digitizer and my creative horizons expanded! This software lets you digitize your own creations to use on your Janome Embroidery Machine. I was able to take our Virtual Artistic Digitizer classes and … Continue reading

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Artistic Edge Digital Cutter : cutting for crystal/rhinestone application

One of the techniques included in both of our Artistic softwares:  SimpleCut and Artistic Digitizer, is ‘Crystals’. This function allows rhinestones to be added to an entire design or to just some parts of the design. The Artistic Edge Digital … Continue reading

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Changing Embroidery Designs with Artistic Digitizer Software

I had a lot of fun with my Janome 500E and Artistic Digitizer last month making Christmas ornaments for gifts. If you haven’t heard about Janome’s Artistic Digitizer software, you can learn more about it by contacting your local Janome … Continue reading

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All You Need is Sleep: In-the-Hoop Sleep Mask

In-the-hoop embroidery projects amaze me! I remember the first time I heard about them and I was sure it was a lie! How can you make a whole project on an embroidery machine? I’ve since then found out that they … Continue reading

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You are cordially invited to our second Janome Canada Education Open House at 4.30pm Eastern this Saturday 21st November. (We have a Coverhem online class just before this hence not being able to have the Open House earlier. But we … Continue reading

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Announcing new Sew4Home designs ……… now available

We have told you many times about our wonderful partnership with Sew4Home. One of the awesome things we receive quarterly from Sew4Home is beautifully digitized embroidery designs. These designs are exclusively for our Janome Canada consumers and are ONLY available … Continue reading

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