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Do you struggle with positioning your designs EXACTLY where you want them to be on your projects? Whether this is a beautiful garment like in the pic above or on a towel or quilt block? Are your designs often a … Continue reading

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Embroidery for Weddings or Valentines? Plus tips on gathering a double ruffle for a pillow.

Our Janome 550E has some lovely new designs especially for the RE36b hoop – Janome’s biggest hoop! There a number of wedding inspired designs. Think bridal shower decorations…..wedding gifts……..Valentine’s day! So without further ado, I offer up a cute little … Continue reading

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336 days until Christmas?!?

Only 11 months from today? Did that get your attention? If so, perhaps it was with a sigh or with some annoyance?  Why am I reminding you about Christmas 2020 when we are only just done with Christmas 2019? Remember the … Continue reading

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Janome MC550E monsters……and a variation on the design!

Have you seen our Janome monster stuffies? Janomeman made these (above) using one of the new built-in designs on our Janome MC550E. Many of us have been having fun making even more of them such as this livid lime green/yellow … Continue reading

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Janome Essential RE18 hoop………Add to your Christmas wish list??

We have been doing hands-on classes across Janome Canada this Fall.  Some of the projects we were making in these classes are in-the-hoop projects……clever Janome “On the Go” zipper baggies where everything including the zipper is stitched in the hoop … Continue reading

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JANOME Embroidery Show & Tell

Raise your hand if you got excited as a kid when it was time for Show & Tell at school! I know I certainly did.  I was always bringing crafts I had made: toys, special people etc. I even took … Continue reading

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AcuDesign: Monsters for Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  It’s Monster Month and all the embroidery sites offer designs for Halloween.   Janome’s AcuDesign App has a collection of four funny monsters ready to be embroidered, and don’t be afraid… they’re not ugly !!! With this Janome App, it … Continue reading

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Look what Janome Canada Artisan, Trina, has been up to!

Take  a look……..Trina has been having a lot of fun with her Janome Skyline S9!  Check out her blog post over on Will cook for shoes  Are you having fun with your Janome embroidery machine? 

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Janome’s Perfect Pair Part 2…..let’s take a look at the NEW Janome MC550E

  Divide and conquer? Many of us discovered a long time ago that having a SEPARATE embroidery machine was really wonderful – while the embroidery is stitching out in the hoop, we can sew on our sewing or quilting machine. … Continue reading

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Project of the month: Acufil quilted mug rug using the JANOME HP2 foot for the quilt binding

  Just look what we made……. a neat little mug rug. but how did we do it? The quilting was done using lime green Madeira embroidery thread: We sandwiched a small quilt sandwich and quilted it in the hoop. Madeira … Continue reading

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