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Embroider on caps and hats with Janome hat hoop

I thought it was time to ask this question: Did you know that Janome has a hat hoop? This is a link to what has been around for as long as I can remember. This particular version of the hat … Continue reading

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SUNDAY SEWING: Embroidered table napkins

As seen recently on Instagram Live and also on Janome Sewing Machines Facebook Live. I promised I would provide the  written instructions with pics. The video of the Instagram Live is also available if you have not yet watched it … Continue reading

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How to Install the Bobbin Holder Case

NOTE: While I’m referring to the Janome MC9450 in this blog post, this information also applies to other models of Janome sewing machines. There are some simple things that are critical to ensuring that your sewing machine works properly to … Continue reading

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Cute embroidery project tutorial: little storage baskets

Follow along with this video link on the Janome USA You Tube channel:   Kimberly Einmo (National spokesperson for Janome America) shows exactly how to make these on the You Tube video link above – courtesy of Janome America – The … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite software Part 4: AcuFil Tool

Today we’ll delve into my favourite section of Horizon Link Suite, AcuFil Tool, which turns your ordinary embroidery machine into an extra-ordinary quilting machine! Please be sure to review my previous posts on HLS by clicking the link HERE. You … Continue reading

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Do you struggle with positioning your designs EXACTLY where you want them to be on your projects? Whether this is a beautiful garment like in the pic above or on a towel or quilt block? Are your designs often a … Continue reading

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Free Motion and Variable Zigzag Features: What’s the Difference?

NOTE: These features are available on both the Janome MC9400 and the Janome MC9450 as well as on the Janome MC15000 and on our NEW Continental M7 Professional.  There are two features on the Janome MC9450 that look very similar to … Continue reading

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336 days until Christmas?!?

Only 11 months from today? Did that get your attention? If so, perhaps it was with a sigh or with some annoyance?  Why am I reminding you about Christmas 2020 when we are only just done with Christmas 2019? Remember the … Continue reading

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Holiday project idea using Janome Acufil quilting

Isn’t this just lovely? Lorrie attended our Hidden Secrets of the Janome Mc15000 seminar in November and was so thrilled with the skills she learned at this 2 day seminar that she went home and completed this Holiday table runner … Continue reading

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Very cute, fun and kid friendly embroidered apron Project.

Yes, I know , we live in Canada and we already had our Thanksgiving back last month in October. However, this video Tutorial project is SO cute and informative that I figured we could definitely use it and possibly make … Continue reading

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