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Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Arrow/Kangaroo Sewing Furniture

Our friends at Sew4Home offer some insight in getting the most from your sewing space – no matter how big it is – with their review of Arrow/Kangaroo Sewing Cabinets and Tables, available from participating Janome Canada dealers. Note, there’s … Continue reading

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Sew4Home MINI TIP Buttonholes!

How to Make a Machine Buttonhole: Automatic and Four-Step Most of us understand how to sew on a button. Pretty easy and not scary at all. But buttonholes are a whole different matter. At the end of your project, after you’ve put … Continue reading

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Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Arrow Sewing Chairs!

Arrow Chairs – Sew4Home Mini ReviewHave a seat. Let’s chat for a moment about your sewing set-up. As you sit, think about whether or not you’re comfortable. Is your back well supported? Is the height of your chair appropriate for the … Continue reading

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Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Narrow Hem with a Neat Corner

How to Make a Narrow Hem with a Neat Corner Finishing the corners when you’re making a narrow hem can be a challenge. Making a perfect 90˚ fold at each corner is one option, and often will work just fine. However, it … Continue reading

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Saturday Sewing – Finding Inspiration!

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been posting “Saturday Sewing” blogs; little projects which are quick and easy to do, with materials you likely already have at home. They have proved very popular, so, even with COVID restrictions loosening; … Continue reading

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MINI SEWING TIPS FROM SEW4HOME: Measuring and Converting.

Measuring Tape Marks & Yardage Conversion FOUR Handy Printable Charts from Sew4Home They always say, “it’s the little things.” And in sewing, that is very often the case, because little details can make a big difference as can new (or … Continue reading

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Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips: How to Make a Blind Hem

A blind hem is exactly what it sounds like: a hem with stitches you can barely see. It’s perfect for window coverings, the hem at the bottom of a garment, or anywhere you want a clean finished edge. For many people, especially those just starting their … Continue reading

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Mini Sewing Tips from Sew4Home – HOW TO SQUARE UP FABRIC

We start of the year with more Mini Sewing Tips from Sew4Home: this month it is all about How to Square up fabric.  Puckered seams. Misaligned panels. If you’ve ever tried to work with fabric cuts are that are not … Continue reading

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