stitch composer promo card 1

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  1. Rita Demetzer says:

    I’m desperately frustrated trying to find somewhere/anywhere information on how to Learn/use the Stitch Composer program. Videos, instruction book, anything. Surely it shouldn’t be this hard.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Rita,
      You are obviously not looking in the right places. There is plenty information. Your dealer should also be able to tell you where to find information and, indeed, should show you how to use the software. What Machine model do you have?
      Have you installed the Stitch Composer software on your PC (it is WINDOWS software). On the home page of the software once it is installed and you have opened the software program, you will see a little blue question mark in the top corner. Click on that and the world of how to use Stitch Composer will open to you. How to make stitches, edit , import, export is ALL there.
      Here is a video for the MC 12000 but the software is essentially the same so no matter if you have a different machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHWLopEn_ys

      And here is another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj4Ff8AK3Fg

      Here is a tutorial of notes: https://www.janome.com/siteassets/products/machines/embroidery/mc15000/lessons/stitch-composer-lets-get-started.pdf

      And our Janome Canada artisan Kim at Chatterbox quilts has done turorials and videos on Stitch Composer. https://www.chatterboxquilts.com/sccwaitlist

      There is a LOT of info available: google, You tube and on our janome websites + here on janomelife ( we have probably done almost a dozen posts on this topic – please use the search box on janomelife home page) …….. Just a matter of doing a simple search.
      Hope this helps you.



  2. Suzanne Jones says:

    Where can you get the promo cards


    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Suzanne – ‘promo card’ is only the label applied to this image of the sample stitches that Liz created. It is kind of a ‘make your own’ sampler of stitch composer designs. So, if you are using stitch composer, you could create your own designs and make sample stitch outs of them.


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