Janome on Global TV Morning show tomorrow 2 December

Yes you can…..Do-It-Yourself with Janome!

Mark your calendar and plan to join special guest Jennifer Tryon and the Morning crew for a special DIY series segment on Global TV tomorrow 2 December at 9am

Explore the sewing possibilities anyone can accomplish on a Janome sewing machine; see handy sewing tips, Janome products and easy to make projects for any skill level from Jennifer Tryon.

It is all about how to do quick and easy Keepsake quilting on The Morning Show on Global TV 9 am tomorrow.

Mask making during the pandemic sparked a renewed love of sewing and all things handmade. But people are moving on from masks and onto other homemade keep sakes especially before the holidays.

If you’ve never made a quilt before Jen will walk viewers through rules and tools all quilters use and follow in order to have great heirlooms!  Jen will tell you what supplies you need and show how to quickly cut and piece something together – even if you are an inexperienced sewer!

Do you hoard bins of baby clothes long after the babies have grown? Quilting them is a way of turning those clothes into a special family heirloom…….learn how to quilt memories.

Parents often end up with bins of sports jerseys with no where to wear them. How about making a Jersey Quilt to preserve those team memories?

Don’t miss the Global TV Morning show tomorrow!! 

Jennifer creates these quick projects and easy projects to quilt up your memories! PDF instructions sheets to download will be on our http://www.janome.ca website soon.

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Have you tried Tapered stitches?

If you are lucky enough to have a Janome machine with this Tapering feature, you are in business!! Janome models which offer tapering are Skyline S9; MC9450 (and MC9400 which has been upgraded to MC9450); MC15000 Quilt Maker and Continental M7.

WHAT is tapering? 

In this pic, there are a number of stitches which have been tapered at the beginning and/or the end of the stitching. I’m not going to explain how to do this as we have a video for you to watch here Celine explains this.

This pic shows how you can miter corners of , for example, applique stitching at perfect 45 degree tapering. Can you see the possibilities this feature offers?


Have you tried tapered stitches?

Create perfect mitered corners around shapes and borders.

Have neat, tapered starts and ends to your rows of decorative stitches.

Embellish all sorts of applications to give professional, neat results.

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP the Dream Machine for Quilters

Many quilters I know just happened upon quilting. They stitched a few blocks together and fell in love. After making a few quilts and realizing their new found dream to be an epic quilter, they often need to upgrade their machine. I always joke that quilters really don’t peak until their 80s so as long as you are under 70 it is really worth investing in a good machine that is going to take your quilting to a whole new level. Finding a balance between all the features you need/want and a price that you find reasonable is sometimes hard. For those of you in this position, may I suggest the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP?

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 is packed full of features and accessories for all your quilting needs. Below I’m going to go over many of these features that will help take your quilting to the next level!

Let’s take your quilt project from beginning to end so you really can visualize why the Janome MC8200 will be the perfect machine for your quilting needs.

First up is cutting your fabric! Ok, the Janome MC8200QCP is not going to help you cut your fabric. Wouldn’t that be amazing? However, having the Janome MC8200 in your sewing room is going to make you excited to get quilting, it’s so beautiful! I’m in love with the blue accents!


Accuracy in piecing for a quilter is paramount for having your quilt come together with not only ease, but with crisp points, smooth curves and looking exactly how you imagined. The Horizon Memory Craft 8200 comes with an amazing 1/4” piecing foot with a guide. This foot helps you achieve the perfect 1/4” seam with every piece that you add to your quilt. PLUS it comes with a straight stitch needle plate. 


The straight stitch plate makes every stitch even more accurate. While piecing bulky seams together it will help guide your needle accurately to make sure every stitch is exactly where you want it.


Adding appliqué to a quilt can be so much fun! I also think of appliqué like colouring. Designs are only limited by your imagination! The toughest part for me is picking just the right stitch for the project. The Horizon MC8200 has 170 stitches to select and many of these stitches would be perfect for appliquéing on your quilt.

My favourite feature by far to perfect my appliqué is the needle down function. As seen in the photo below, it is the button with the two triangles. This magical button makes it so that every time you stop sewing, your needle stops in the down position, in your fabric. This allows you to make adjustments to your fabric at every stop without losing your spot on your project. To make this function even more amazing, use it in combination with your knee lift. 


That’s right the Janome Memory Craft 8200 QCP comes with a knee lift! If you haven’t used a knee lift before, be prepared to be amazed! With a simple push to the right with your knee you presser foot will lift up! When using it with the needle down option this allows you to make the ultimate adjustments to your project with ease!


I think the actual quilting part gives us the most anxiety. You’ve spent countless hours picking fabrics, cutting it, piecing it, ironing and the sandwiching & dreaded basting of the quilt layers.  The pressure is on to quilt it in a way that is going to make all your hard work shine. With the Horizon MC 8200 we have many things that are going to make quilting it so much easier. 

The Janome Memory Craft 8200 has a massive 11” to the right of your needle. This space is going to let you quilt a generous sized quilt with ease. Pictured below I have a double bed quilt on the machine.  Plenty of space to move this quilt around.

If you are a free motion quilter, you are going to love the standard free motion quilting options on the Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP! Not only do you get a darning foot which can be used for free motion quilting, but you also get a Convertible free motion quilting foot with a closed toe, open toe AND clear view foot! Lowering your feed dogs is a simple flick of a switch on the side of the machine.

If walking foot quilting is more your thing, get ready to be amazed by the AcuFeed Flex system with the Dual Feed AD foot! This combo is going to make quilting your quilts super smooth with no slipping of layers. This foot is also amazing for sewing slippery and thin fabrics. AND also for thick layers like denim and coat fabric. It is simply brilliant at feeding fabric. Period. 

Also included is your quilt guide bar so you can space out your quilting lines consistently for a nice professional look! 


Binding a quilt is my favourite step. You’ve done all the hard work and now you get to look at it all as you seal in your edges.

The AcuFeed Flex system and Dual Feed AD foot make attaching your binding to your quilt super easy. When attaching your binding, there are so many layers that you want to make sure nothing is slipping. Having your knee lift on and your needle down function activated you can make sure to line up your binding perfectly.

You might also want to consider using the Janome Quilt Binder set. Here is a link to a video which shows how this works. Ed. 

I really hope this post has helped you fall in love with the Horizon Memory Craft 8200QCP. I really is an amazing machine for quilters and it will still tackle many other sewing projects that you have on your list. If you already have one feel free to leave a comment below telling everyone just how much you love it!

Stitch on!


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Saturday Sewing Holiday Projects #4: Reusable Christmas Cracker

I was really excited to tackle this project for you all! Our family loves the tradition of opening a Christmas Cracker before our big holiday dinner. We even wear our crowns for the meal! With these Reusable Christmas Crackers I now get the joy of stuffing each one with personalized custom gifts! I’ll probably sneak some chocolate in there too!

This project couldn’t be easier. Janome machines come with so many decorative stitches and this project lets you use a bunch of these stitches. PLUS, if you have the Janome Continental M7 with the PC application pack, I show you how to create your very own stitches using the Stitch Composer. Look at those adorable trees and reindeer!

(there are number of Janome machines which include Stitch Composer)


Materials (for each cracker):

Here is a link to the project video. I will show you how to create this project from beginning to end including lots of tips and tricks!

Stitch on!!


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Holiday Embellishments

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? I’ve noticed a lot of neighbours have their lights up with more and more lawn ornaments appearing daily.

Apparently we are all decorating early as a way of finding some joy in the midst of everything else going on these days.

We haven’t started decorating just yet but we did get new exterior lights up recently! It was quite the production and my daughter and I enjoyed watching them from the inside.

While I haven’t started too much on the indoor holiday decor, that doesn’t mean that planning isn’t in full swing!

I’ve decided that new stockings are in the works for everyone this year. Have you made them before? They are actually really easy to make and even easier to customize.

There are lots of patterns available and you can even just trace around an existing stocking that you have if you like the shape. I love a stocking that has a bit of batting it in to make it soft and fluffy and a nice cuff.

It was fun going through and figuring out whether I had any Christmas fabric stash left from last year.

And I was super excited to use a glittery gold metallic thread from Madeira that is really lovely to use for machine embroidery work.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this thread? I have just recently started using Maderia thread in the last year and I ADORE it!

For this pattern, the lining also forms part of the cuff. And this is what I wanted to embellish – a little monogram embroidery, using my Janome Skyline S9, so everyone knows who’s stocking this one is for.

I marked out my seam allowance so I know where my borders were on the stocking cuff.

And then I marked the centre of my cuff.

Using the Janome AcuSetter I was able to perfectly fine-tune and position my embroidery design on the cuff. (Sorry for all the shadows. Anyone else missing their summer photography light??)

I love that you can line up the tabs in the corners to make sure your design is perfectly aligned.

Have I mentioned how much I love this gold Mediera thread? Look how beautiful and shiny it is!

Finally, it’s time to sew the stocking. Lining was placed right sides together and the outside fabric was also placed right sides together. I added batting, so I placed that on the back of my outside fabric. Then each piece was stitched leaving the top open on both, and on the lining fabric, I left a two to three inch section on the foot open. This is where I turn my project right side out.


I turned the lining right side out and carefully positioned the exterior inside the stocking, lining up the seams at the top of the stocking and then stitching around the entire top of the stocking.

Through the opening in the lining, I pulled my stocking right side out. Then stitched the bottom opening on the lining closed.

Our first bit of Christmas decor is ready!!

Have you started holiday sewing yet? How about decorating? What are you doing to bring a little joy to this time of year?

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Stella Lined Beanie

With the cold season at our door, we thought it would be fun to make a quick project for which you can use leftover cotton jersey and micro fleece: the Stella Beanie.

Find the STELLA pattern at your favorite Jalie reseller or on the Jalie website

To make a lined beanie, you need to cut an extra piece in micro fleece. You will want to make sure that your fleece has as much stretch as the outer fabric:

The pattern instructions are pretty straight forward, the only seams being the curves at the top and the back seam. A project that is perfect our AT2000D Air thread serger.

Since the fleece and jersey layers will end up wrong sides together, we leave thread tails to keep the ends from unraveling.

Sew the micro fleece the same way and pin them wrong sides together, matching notches, center front (fold) and center back seam:

Baste raw edges with a zigzag.

We use the following setting: Mode 1 with 4.5 width / 5 length on our Memory Craft 6700P.

The facing is cut in jersey only. Pin it to the jersey side, right sides together, matching notches, centres and seams:

Sew with your serger. At the same time, you can finish the top edge of the facing for a nicer finish at the end. Don’t hesitate to adjust the differential to make sure the fabric does not stretch out:

Bring the seam allowance towards the facing and understitch, using a zigzag stitch to keep all layers together:

Pin wrong side of facing to lining, matching centers and seams:

Stitch on the serger seam using a zigzag, without stretching the fabric. The zigzag will preserve the fabric stretch and be comfortable:

For a beanie that is easy to wash, make a removable pompom using a sew-on snap:

When sewing the snap, go through all layers to keep the lining and outer fabric together:

Here is the final result: a cute, warm, and unique beanie that you can sew in less time it takes to go get one at the store!


– Jalie STELLA beanie pattern
– Janome AT2000D Air thread serger
– Janome Memory Craft 6700P
– Jersey knit from Bibs and Boots

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Dior uses Janome !!

Yes, it is a fact……In Dior’s video “How a Dior Dress is made”, the dresses for their show are made using Janome 1600PQC and My Style 22. The MC1600P is a popular model – the current closest model is our Janome HD9. The My Style 22 is not a model we had in Canada but we do have similar models.

This video makes very interesting watching.    Link to the video. 

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Janome HQ’s Instagram LIVE TODAY, WEDNESDAY 1pm EST

Join us LIVE at 1pm EST @janomehq Instagram page every Wednesday for Janome HQ’s NEW series “Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour” as we highlight a different machine in the Janome line. From entry level to Top of the Line; embroidery machines; longarm quilting machines; sergers and MORE!

What machine and Janome goodies will we talk about this week? It’s a MYSTERY so you must tune in each week for the big reveal! Don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE presentation, though. They’ll be stored in the IGTV icon on the Janome HQ Instagram Page and later posted as videos on the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

JMMMT Artwork 2

Follow us on the Janome HQ Facebook page and write me at Classes@Janome-Canada.com (copy and paste in a new browser) for more information about upcoming on-line classes and (eventually) on site classes at The Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON; Janome Canada’s Head Quarters.

Happy Sewing and #sharethejanomelove!

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My New Favourite Chair!!

Sometimes when we are setting up or reorganizing our sewing spaces, the subject of seating comes up. You know, the chair. Often it takes a couple of tries to find the perfect chair to fit into our space and sewing style. Introducing the Arrow Chair, a partner product available from your local Janome dealer. Let me tell you all about it!


First of all, it comes in so many choices. Plain or patterned, you can pick!

My personal favourite print is the one with the cats! My cat Fiona often sits in my sewing room while I’m working, so it was logical to pick one that she would like too.

I also loved that it only came in two boxes, securely wrapped with bubble wrap and a full sheet of instructions. And putting it together was a breeze. Do you want to see how fast it was? Click here!

Plus did you see the snack storage area?!?! My daughter has been looking for my secret stash for the last 2 months and she still can’t find them!

There are many more products available from us to improve comfort in your sewing room, like these Janome memory foam back and seat rests. Get in touch with your local dealer to find out more information!

Happy sewing and I’ll see you soon 🙂


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Are your legs cold?

Well that may sound like an odd question but I find that if my legs are cold, then I’m not comfortable!? So I have an extensive collection of comfy, stretch pants in all sorts of different colours and knit fabrics in my closet to keep my legs warm during our Canadian winter months.

My favourite leggings/pants pattern Kwik Sew 3115

I have  a video to share with you where I show:

  1. How I altered my very favourite Kwik Sew yoga pants pattern to narrow the legs as I do not like the wider style of the pant legs in the pattern.
  2. I share hints and tips of getting the best results even when I can make one of these pairs of pants in 15 minutes….seriously. The video is longer at around 3/4 of an hour as I’m talking and showing as I make & hem the pants.
  3. And I show step-by-step how I make  a pair of these pants on my Janome serger and my Janome Coverpro (coverhem machine)

Please note that it really does not matter what Janome serger or Coverpro you have – you will be able to glean good information from the video tutorial.

Here is the close up photo of the threads taken to the back when you sew a hem with your coverhem. I mentioned this in the video. This quick little tip takes the top threads to the back. You then have all your threads on the back where you can knot them a couple of times and add fray check if you feel that is necessary. Very slick and easy to do.

Top side of the coverhem after the threads have been cleverly pulled through to the back – as shown in the video. This can be done at the end of a hem or after you have overlapped some stitching if sewing in the round like on a pants leg

This is a triple coverhem so there are a total of 4 threads at the back: 3 from the top and 1 looper thread.

Once the threads have been tied securely with 2 or 3 knots, cut off the tails you are good to go. You can add a drop of fray check but I do not usually do this. My stitching holds just fine. I usually take 2 + 2 and tie these together or 2 + 1 if I’m doing a 3 thread hem.

Here is the link to the video on our Janome Life You Tube channel.

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