All Janome customers who have owned an earlier embroidery machine model, know about the ‘Customizer’ software that worked with the Giga hoop.  The composition and editing feature has been added and enhanced in the Horizon Link Suite version 1.30 software   under the <Layout mode> tab.  It is now possible to make a large pattern composition to fill the equivalent of nine (9) pages of 8½ “X 11”.

HLS LM assembly

This new function allows you to:

  • Edit templates to create original embroidery designs such as large designs
  • Edit templates in the edit box up to 9 (3 X 3) letter-size pages.
  • Import the edited designs to your computer directly, or via USB stick in .eld format
  • Create large patterns with your sewing machine using templates printed on sheets.


Here is the procedure for making a template:

  1. Click on the ‘ Layout Mode ‘ tab and open a new page
  2. Home <Select hoop size >
  3. Select the hoop with which you wish to work
  4. On the tab ‘ Home ‘, in the group layout , click on the button ‘ Landscape ‘ or ‘ Portait ‘ to determine the orientation of the paper to print
  5. On the tab ‘ Home ‘, in the group layout , choose the number of pages, horizontal or vertical, to be printed
  6. The size of the edit box is now set

montage blog

The pattern template is ready to be printed in color or a black line outline, you choose in ‘ Print Set-up ‘. The positioning cross is indicated on each of the locations.

printed template

To study all the possibilities of the software, do not forget the? blue  inst top right on the task bar … the instruction book is in pdf format. Even better … request a training from your authorized Janome dealer!

Written by Celine Ross and translated and posted by Yvonne Menear


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GLAD YOU ASKED THAT……. a new janomelife monthly series

We are happy to introduce a new series on janomelife: Covering questions that so many of you ask us in person at shows; at Janome Dealer stores; as well as in the comment box of janomelife. We figured a new series once a month to answer these questions would be good for many people who might read janomelife and say…..”so glad you asked that as I was wondering too

Here goes with the first one:  Please tell me what is the difference between the different coloured Janome bobbin cases?

Good question. Happy to answer it!

Ok, so we have clear, pink and blue bobbins……I’m not talking about bobbins today. I’m talking about the bobbin cases that these bobbins go into. We have 4 bobbin cases for top loading machines:

  1. Regular bobbin case with RED marking.     This is the bobbin case you will find in most of our sewing machines. It is what is more than likely IN the machine when you purchased it from your dealer. It does not matter what top loading Janome machine model you have, you will have a bobbin case with a red marking like in the pic above. This bobbin case is for virtually all your regular sewing. This bobbin case is included with the sewing machine.
  2. Bobbin case with BLUE marking.   This bobbin case is not included with any of our Janome top loading bobbin sewing machine models and will need to be purchased from your dealer as an accessory. It is also known as the QUILTER’s or LOW TENSION bobbin case. This bobbin case is for QUILTING: free motion quilting AND hand look quilting stitch on many of our machine models.  This bobbin case has a LOWER tension than the red one in #1 above and reduces or avoids “eye-lashes” or “loopie-loo’s” on the back of your free motion quilting. These are caused when the bobbin tension is too high and so the needle thread gets pulled a little to the back of the quilt and forms little loops or eyelashes which none of us like very much. Of course, to try to fix this you could increase the needle thread tension a little but we often don’t want to do that as delicate threads such a invisible thread can sometimes break if the thread tension is increased. Nor do we obviously want to see bobbin thread on the top of the quilt either!  So Janome to the rescue: the Blue dot bobbin case comes factory pre-set with the correct bobbin tension for all free motion quilting projects.                                                                   We also use this bobbin case for Janome ACUFIL quilting-in-the-hoop projects where you don’t want a build up of thread on the back of your embroidered quilt.             The results when using this blue dot bobbin case for stitching hand look quilting will be much easier to achieve and will look just like hand quilting when you use this bobbin case.
  3. YELLOW dot bobbin case.   This bobbin case is included with most of our embroidery machines. This bobbin case is for EMBROIDERY – that is when you are using the hoop and embroidery mode (not decorative stitching in sewing mode). Our yellow dot bobbin case especially for embroidery is simply wonderful! I use the handy-dandy one-step needle plate converter lever to pop the needle plate off to exchange the regular red dot bobbin case for the new yellow dot one. It is set with a higher than normal tension to ensure no bobbin thread shows on the top of the embroidery. This is also a factory pre-setting to make your life easy – Janome thinks of everything! The rule of thumb: use this bobbin case for ALL embroidery projects except for Acufil quilting.  As it has a higher than normal tension, it does pull the top embroidery thread to the back a little which is what you want for an embroidery but not for the back of a quilt.                                                                                                                              You may be OK not to use this bobbin case when using JANOME pre-wound bobbins as they are wound quite tightly. But do a test as see if you are OK before using the red marking bobbin case in this instance.  Actually, I just find it easier to use my yellow dot bobbin case for all embroidery (EXCEPT Acufil when I always use the blue dot bobbin case) and then I don’t forget and get tied up in a knot trying to remember what is for what. 
  4. Bobbin case with yellow marking.   NOT to be confused with the Yellow dot bobbin case in #3 above! You can certainly be forgiven for getting confused here. It should have been green or purple and then we would have had more rainbow colours to enjoy! However, it is not. You do not need to know about this bobbin case unless you own the Janome Skyline S7. You may have noticed that the bobbin case that comes with your machine does not have a red marking as in #1 above. It has a yellow marking instead (not a dot, but a small marking like the red one). This is because the Skyline S7 has a different tension stepping motor system and needs its own unique bobbin case. So Skyline S7 owners have their own special bobbin case. If you need to replace your bobbin case over time or if you damage it accidentally with a nasty thread jam, please ensure you get this yellow mark bobbin case part # 858570308. The one in #1 above won’t do.

I hope that has “demystified” some of the confusion about our various Janome bobbin cases and what they are to be used for. Feel free to ask your local Janome dealer or send us a comment if you have further queries.

If you have specific questions, dont hesitate to ask as your question may well become another that we say “GLAD YOU ASKED THAT……”



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This software CD, that that comes with the Janome Horizon  Memory Craft 15000 Quiltmaker, is more powerful than one might think.

AcuFil Tool > Section Create Original >Design <AcuFil Designs >Design >Design Folder <>STIPPLING PARTS >19 patterns are available and we embroidered each of them for you to see:

Unique motifs

In this sample, we embroidered sets of the same pattern without connecting them:

row of patterns 1

In this tab, there are 19 patterns, several of which are new. All are in .jef format and 10 in .afl format. The .jef format is familiar to us, but what does the .afl format mean ? It’s simple: it means that these designs can be joined together in a series of patterns to connect perfectly and accurately.


At the ‘copy’ command, two circles appear; blue at the beginning and red at the end of the pattern. When selecting ‘paste’, these same circles appear on the second pattern thus allowing you the ability to align the two circles on top of each other. By doing this copy/paste of the elements, the sewing of a series of patterns will make the designs continuous without stopping points between the sequences when the embroidery is done in the hoop.


In this sample, you can see that there is no stopping between the patterns thanks to the connection option.

connected patterns

This is only  one of the features of the Horizon Link Suite software.  Be sure to open your Horizon Link software and study all the parts of the program that will make your Janome Horizon MC 15000 Quiltmaker even more productive. This feature is available in Horizon Link Suite software for all versions of the Janome Mc15000. Do be sure to check that your Horizon Link Suite has been updated to the latest version. 

Visit your local authorized Janome dealer to participate in a demonstration or course on the Horizon Link Suite software. 


Written by Celine Ross; translated & edited by Yvonne Menear

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Personalize your Janome sewing machine

Kim Jamieson-Hirst is one of our Janome Canada artisans who has been having lots of fun working with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP.

One of the features that Kim really appreciates on the Janome Horizon MC9400 is the ability to change the settings on the machine so she can set it up to suit the way she likes to stitch. It’s really like having your machine adjusted to your personal preferences. It’s very easy to customize the settings on the Janome Horizon MC 9400 using the “Set” menu on the machine.

Some of the options that Kim has adjusted on her Janome Horizon MC9400 are the volume of the machine prompts, the low bobbin indicator, and the presser foot height when pivoting. Now every time Kim sits down to stitch, the Janome Horizon MC9400 is already set up just the way she likes it.

Kim explains the various options available in the “Set” menu in a video which you can view in her recent blogpost or on her YouTube channel.

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SARAI’S HOBBIES ……we shine the spotlight on Janome Canada customer


I met Sarai recently on my travels around Western Canada during our Fall 2017 Launch of great new Janome products. Sarai is a very enthusiastic Janome MC8900 Special Edition owner who attended my presentations in William’s Lake, BC. She showed me her beautifully made purse and I knew I had to share some of her work with you!




Sarai tells me she has sold some of her wallets, clutches and quilts for custom orders but mostly she does personal sewing and for craft markets. However, she is open to queries about custom orders.  Check out her projects on instagram and facebook. Her email is below on her charming business card.

This is the beautifully made purse which caught my eye:


And some close-ups of  lovely details + the inside of the bag:

And her wallets are similarly beautifully made.

And another lovely wallet:

Sarai told me that she loves her Janome MC8900 Special Edition for good reason: “As for my favourite features on my machine…1st and foremost I would have to say the large throat space!! I went from under 8” to 11” and that was amazing!!

2nd, the stitch features, from types to speed…it gives such variety and feeling of accomplishment to be able to make a project unique and quickly!

3rd, there hasn’t been a project it hasn’t been able to do for me. If I have an issue with super thick seams, it either takes changing a needle or a bit of problem solving, but once I figure it out, I end up with a beautiful, finished product.”

And Sarai also quilts. She released a FREE pattern recently  on Craftsy (Fractured Applique in 2nd pic below ) and here are some lovely examples of her work:

I’m sure you understand why I wanted to share some of Sarai’s work with you! She is a satisfied customer of Ibea’s Quilting and Crafts in William’s Lake, BC.

This was my first time to visit to this Janome dealer and BC Interior town and was well worth the 2-3 hour drive down from Prince George. Firstly, it was a part of BC where I had not traveled before so it was very interesting to see this area of the province in which I have chosen to live.  Brenda and her hubby, Ian, kindly drove me out of town a little way to see the devastation of the recent summer 2017 fires that effectively closed down the town of William’s Lake for weeks. In Vancouver we got some of the smoke they had “first hand”.  I believe this was one of the worst fire seasons on record so we are very glad life is returning to normal for the residents of William’s Lake.

Secondly, and more importantly, Brenda and Andrea of Ibea’s Quilting and Crafts arranged a wonderful event with a huge crowd of enthusiastic Janome customers who came to hear about our new Janome products; ask questions and see demo’s on various machines. Of course, I had a whole suitcase (or 2) of samples to show the ladies. My thanks to Brenda and Andrea for arranging this very successful event. I hope to visit again.

I was most impressed and encouraged to see the creativity of these Janome customers….hence sharing this one example with you.

Hope you enjoyed the delightful eye candy and are inspired to head off to your sewing machine to make similar magic happen!




Favorite Sewing Machine for Retreats?


Janome 9400 Photo 1






I go to retreats and teach at retreats on a regular basis.  Some retreats are dedicated to machine embroidery and some are dedicated to quilting.  This is a bit of a dilemma for me as I am a quilter and embroidery enthusiast.  My embroidery often shows up on my quilts.  So which machine do I take to my retreats?

My favorite Janome machine is the Horizon MC 15000 Quiltmaker.  That is because it does absolutely everything for me — quilt, sew, embroider all in one machine.  But for retreats, it is maybe too heavy to carry and has to be transported with many parts (arm, hoops, etc.) in order to use all the features.  So, when I have a retreat that is dedicated to quilting only, I tend to do my embroidery at home and take my embroidered blocks with me to the quilt retreat.

My great debate now is which Janome sewing machine to use for quilting.  There are two machines that would serve you well when wanting to transport a machine with as many functions as possible to use while away from home.  The two machines I recommend to people are the Horizon MC 9400QCP and the newest Horizon MC 6700P machines.

Both of these sewing machines have a large open throat area for quilting.  The Horizon MC 6700P has a flat bed with an extension table available for smooth feeding of a quilt.  The Horizon MC9400QCP also has a large throat opening and extension table, but it also can be converted to a free arm machine for those times you want to stitch in small circular enclosed objects.  Both machines have a wide variety of stitch selections with decorative stitches 9mm wide.  I do indeed use decorative stitches when quilting so these are great machines to work with.


The choice is yours as to which machine you would use.  Often I recommend the Horizon MC 9400QCP to people who tell me they do more garment construction than quilting.  For quilters I recommend the Horizon MC 6700P with its large flat bed for ultra smooth feeding of the quilt through the machine.

No matter what machine you use, you can always count on the quality of Janome machines.  Enjoy your retreats trouble free when you use your Janome machines.


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Take a STAND against threading and stitching nightmares!

One aspect of my job which I dearly love is traveling around to many Janome Dealerships to give presentations on the various Janome machines and accessories, or as I simply describe it, “to share the Janome love!”

My suitcases are always busting with samples, accessories, presser feet, samples, attachments – The Quilt Binder Attachment being my personal favourite! Binding the Quick and Easy JANOME way!, Did I mention samples? 🙂 While it’s true I always try to bring as many samples as I can, the one accessory I ALWAYS travel with is my thread stand. I can’t say enough good about it and I’m always happy to spread the word! It’s always one of my “if all else fails/ makes life easier” go-to’s.

I have the 5 thread option, which is great when changing colours while embroidering. There’s a handy metal clip along the top of the stand which conveniently fits over the handle of my machine. I don’t even have to screw it in to the back of my machine and I can still open to the top cover plate to see the list of all my stitches. It’s the perfect companion to my fabulous Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker. http://janome.com/en/products/machines/15000/

Image result for janome 5 thread spool stand

There’s also a 2 thread option, which may look a little familiar. (hint, hint) You can see by the photo that it simply screws into the back of the machine. In fact, the screws are already in the back of your machine, though you may not have noticed. Perhaps did notice then wondered what they were for. With Janome’s infinite wisdom they’ve designed many of the machines to accept the thread stand as an optional accessory if desired. No drilling and tapping screws required! Thank you, Janome!

Janome Thread Stand

As I mentioned earlier, this thread stand may look familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the fabulous new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm?

Or you might have seen it on the Artistic Quilter SD-16 sit-down machine.Artistic Quilter Sit Down 16"

We all know how important thread, proper threading and thread delivery is to sewing. We wouldn’t get very far without it! But it’s especially important with super high-speed, multi-directional sewing, or in this case, quilting. The Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 long-arm can sew an impressive 2200 stitch per minute. Without proper thread delivery from the cone to the needle you wouldn’t get much quilting done and I’m sure you can image the headaches which would ensue.

Speaking of high-speed, did you know that the fabulous Janome 6700P, which debuted this summer, is currently the fastest domestic sewing machine on the market?



Take a look at it’s convenient built-in thread stand. Looks kind-of familiar, doesn’t it? At an astonishing 1200 stitches per minute, 1000 stitches per minute for decorative stitches, the new Janome 6700P is 200 stitches per minute faster than it’s immediate predecessor, the infamous Janome 6600P, one of the best selling sewing machines in history, by the way.

There are many reasons why these machines are so well loved, so legendary, but one of the most important reasons is their ability to deliver excellent, high-quality stitches at such incredible speeds. Leather, denim, canvas, the Janome Professional Class of machines; Janome 6700P, Janome 6600P, Janome 6500P, Janome 6300P (below)

and the Janome 1600P (machine of choice of Janome Artisan Jennie Jenkins)

We shine the spotlight on Janome Canada Artisan: Jeannie Jenkins

Guest blog post from Janome Canada Artisan Jeannie Jenkins.


can tackle them all and still deliver fantastic, professional results every time. One of the secrets to that winning formula is the thread delivery system, or quite simply, the built-in thread stand. I think we’ve seen that Janome 1600P thread stand somewhere before, haven’t we?

Perhaps you’ve already experienced some trouble/ headaches/ stress when free-motion quilting on your domestic sewing machine, for example, or when you’ve attempted to use a textured metallic thread as a decorative element on a garment you were making. Maybe the thread was shredding and breaking, and/ or you were getting skipped stitches. I’m sure we’ve all felt that pain and stress at one time or another.

However, sewing should be FUN! Not drive you to drink – though there’s nothing wrong with a little wine now and again, especially when free-motion quilting when the more relaxed and loose you are the better. lol!

The first thing I always say to check is the needle. Is it the correct size, type, how old is it, etc. Click on the link below for an excellent needle reference guide from our friends at Sew4Home. https://sew4home.com/tips-resources/buying-guide/choose-right-sewing-machine-needle-your-project

The next thing I always check is threading. Check the thread path; how is the machine threaded; is it threaded correctly? Changing either or both of these elements will often solve the majority of issues, but there are some times when everything looks and is correct, but problems still persist. The stitches still aren’t looking as great as they should. When all else fails my aforementioned go-to is always the optional thread stand and WHAMO! beautiful stitches every time. Having just that extra bit of slack, that extra bit of room for the thread to relax and uncurl while it passes through the thread stand seems to work wonders and solves many of the aforementioned woes. It’s really quite remarkable, or quite simply, it’s Janome. Problems solved!

























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The sewing world is all a buzz over the new Janome Quiltmaker Pro 18 long arm quilting machine.  If you have been following our blog posts during November and December 2017, you will have seen many in-depth reports on the new long arm machine by our Canadian Educator, Michael Smith.  He is very informative about the features and use of this new machine.

I had the opportunity to travel to Puyallup, Washington for the recent NW Washington Quilt/Sew/Craft show.  While there, I was working in a booth supporting the local Janome dealer City Vac and Sew from Shoreline, Washington, my task  was to demo the QuiltMakerPro 18 long arm machine–both the manual and the robotics/computerized quilting features this machine offers. The frame was set up with 2 machine heads for easier demo’s of both these quilting options.


There were many different manufacturers of long arm machines at this show.  We easily drew a crowd of people around our set up with two machine heads running at one time.  I moved back and forth between the machine head set up for manual free motion quilting, ruler work, pantograph tracing, and the robotics machine head which had been set up with the optional software/ robotics package: the Quilt Maker Pro Stitcher Premium software.  I was able to show how to do custom quilt block designs and whole cloth quilting designs.  I could demo the layout of quilt patterns in repetitive rows, off-set rows, and nested rows ………all in the software program.

People were most impressed with the ability to set up the rail system in any length of their choice: 4 foot, 8 foot, or the full 12 foot rail system. 10 foot is also possible with the additional purchase of a 2 foot section to add to the 8 foot option.

The ease of use and the smooth flow of the machine across the rails had many show participants wanting to give it a try.  Everyone exclaimed how easy it was to be creative with the manual settings.  Even young children were giving it a try and creating very clever stitched designs.

Be sure to visit your local participating Janome dealer to request a demo of this great new machine.

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What happened this year and what’s coming up in 2018?

pic courtesy of recorder.blog.hu

Oh my, 2017 is almost a thing of the past! It has been an incredibly busy, but as usual, an exciting and fun year for us here at janomelife.

Do keep reading to the end of this post or you might miss what is coming in 2018!


What happened in 2017?

  • Big news: The launch of our NEW Janome Horizon MC15000 Quilt Maker + the upgrade for previous versions of tis machine.
  • More big news: the launch of the NEW AcuSketch app – free for our WIFI embroidery machine models and now with version 2.0 from 22 Dec 2017, for all our Jef. format embroidery machine models!! See our post last week on 22 Dec on this topic.
  • NEW AcuStitch tool added to Horizon Link Suite software. See this post.
  • Big news: The launch of our NEW Janome MC6700P. Sit, sew…. fall in love. This link as well. This machine has been received with open arms.
  • New Taping Guide foot. 
  • New Janome branded stylus pen for using on iPad with our apps, especially AcuSketch App. See post last week on 22nd December 2017

In addition to all of the above new product announcements, we have offered regular input from our Educators: Liz, Michael, Yvonne and Celine (Celine writes French posts – many of these have been translated into English for janomelife so that you can benefit from the good information Celine publishes on Vie Janome). We are sure you have enjoyed the good information all these educators have offered you this year to make your sewing experience easier and more fun.

Don’t forget that we have the comment box after every post if you have a simple question for us. We try to answer within 24-48 hours although we often refer you to your local Janome dealer who is better equipped to answer lengthy queries and for owner’s lessons on your machines and software.

We published a very good post in January 2017 about where to look for resources to learn about our various Janome products. Check this post out if you missed it or have forgotten the contents. Many people have told us how very helpful this list is. 

We have also enjoyed regular input from our Janome Canada Artisans: Tamara Kate in Quebec; Sherri Sylvester, Andrea Ford, Tania Denyer and Jeannie Jenkins in Ontario; Trina Gallop in Manitoba; Ron Collins in Saskatchewan; Kim Jamieson- Hirst in Alberta; and Cynthia Frenette in BC . Their projects and techniques have inspired us and made us want to run to our machines to sew, quilt and embroider!

We have another artisan to introduce soon to you – She has just joined us.  Watch for this intro. next month when you will be able to meet her.

We have published almost 150 posts this year – approximately one every 2-3 days! And all for your Janome edification and enjoyment………..you are so very welcome!

So what are we planning for you on janomelife next year?  In a word, LOTS:

  • Expect the same regular input from our janomelife team: our Educators and our Artisans.  We will continue to try to publish posts every week. Many weeks will offer more than that.  Your input on what specific topics you might like to see addressed is always welcome. (use the comment box at the bottom of any janomelife post). If you don’t already receive an email each time we publish a post – you might like to subscribe on the right hand side of the janomelife screen. You can always unsubscribe later if you wish. We will not use your email address for any purpose other than to send you a notification of each new blog post.
  • We think it is time for another Janome Foot/Accessory series so watch for a monthly post on this. (Any specific feet you want us to highlight?)
  • We thought a monthly series on FAQ’s would be good too. We are often asked very similar questions across North America on our travels to shows and dealer’s stores so we know many of you are perplexed or confused by the same things. Watch for a new series called “GLAD YOU ASKED THAT” starting in January 2018.
  • We hope to offer you fun janomelife giveaway contests as we have offered in previous years…….you will just have to wait for the surprize of what we will have on offer in 2018?

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have found time between eating turkey and all the trimmings to do a little sewing??

The Janomelife team would like to wish you all the very best sewing, quilting and embroidery success in 2018! 

pic courtesy of animatedimages.org

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On a recent visit to Sawyers Sewing in Victoria, I handed over a giant bag of toiletries collected on my travels this year. I have been doing this for a number of years. The cause is a worthy one: Sandy Merriman House in Victoria, BC which is a shelter for woman and their children in domestic crisis. Between Janome presentations to groups of consumers, I took photo’s of the lovely display of bags (above) made by the staff and customers of Sawyers Sewing Centre. I also voted for my favourite bag – a contest sponsored by Jarret and his staff to raise awareness of this project. And, no, I’m not telling you who I voted for! They were all just lovely. Well done everyone!

Judy who coordinates this charity endeavour annually sent this message about the bags for 2017:

Enclosed is a photograph of the 32 very plump handmade Christmas gift cosmetic bags that we delivered to the Sandy Merriman House Women’s Shelter in Victoria BC, December 19, 2017.  In addition, there were 12 equally chubby bags we also delivered to the Victoria Woman’s Transition House. They were intended to be given as Christmas gifts to the ladies who visit these shelters.
This year all the gifts bags were sewn and/or quilted specifically for the ladies at the shelters. They were made by customers and friends of Sawyers Sewing, when Jarret Sawyer sponsored a Christmas contest for the express purpose of creating handcrafted bags for the ladies at the shelters. In addition, many of Sawyer’s customer also donated items to fill the bags. The gift bags were stuffed to the zipper with toothbrush, toothpaste, hotel sized shampoos, several bars of hand soap, cream rinse, a ball point pen or two, hand wipes, zip bags, band aides, comb and safety pins, to name a few things. Many bags also included other cosmetic items such as lipstick, mascara, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, combs, perfume, nail files, sewing kit, mouthwash, deodorant, etc, depending upon what was available or what had been donated or what I could find at a reasonable price. 
 The volunteers at the shelter were impressed by how big and beautiful and cheerful these quilted bags were. One volunteer said they will make wonderful Christmas gifts!  
 Below is the link to the shelter website, in case you are interested… https://coolaid.org/our-services/homes-2/shelters/sandy-merriman  
Many thanks again to all for you continued kindness and generosity!   
Judy Strelioff

Do you sew for a cause? Tell us about what sewing or quilting you do for charity and how it makes you feel to be able to give your time and resources in this way? 

What Janome machine do you use for your charity sewing?

We’d love to hear from you. 

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