This just in…..UFO invasion!? Gasp! Never fear, Janome to the rescue!

This is Part 1 of a 4 part series featuring the fabulous Janome Quilt Maker Pro18 long-arm quilting machine. I’ll go into depth describing all the fantastic features which let YOU be the artist to create and FINISH your quilting masterpiece more quickly and easily with more satisfying results. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the JanomeLife Blog so you don’t miss out!

With precuts continuing to grow in popularity, a quilt top can now be made faster and easier than ever. This is¬†fantastic as there’s an never-ending supply of inspiration out there for new, exciting projects.

However, I hear from so many quilters that this is where their life in the fast lane grinds to a screeching halt. The top, the piecing, is done in record time, but it’s the actual quilting process: layering the backing, batting and quilt top together and securing all layers with stitches, which is what slows them down. They have a growing pile of quilt tops, but not actual finished quilts.

Raise your hand if this describes you. ūüôā Don’t worry, there’s no shame involved! I’m the President and CEO of this group! With quit tops, or UFOs or Flimsys¬†as sometimes¬†called, climbing steadily in the double digits, I’m the first to admit that I HAVE been guilty of devoting more time to the piecing process than to the actual quilting process.

Why emphasis HAVE? Well, I’m very proud to say that HAVE is in the past tense as there’s now a fabulous and exciting new weapon in my quilting arsenal to eradicate those UFOs for good!

Enter the fantastic new Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18!!! YES! Janome finally has a long-arm quilting machine of their very own!



I know, gorgeous, isn’t it!? Gorgeous and functional and oh SEW fun to use!

Since making it’s Canadian national debut at Quilt Canada in June, the Quilt Maker Pro 18 has created quite a buzz in the industry, and has completed countless quilt tops of very proud owners.¬† ūüôā

At 2200 stitches per minute, almost twice as fast as the fastest domestic machine on the market (our very own Janome 6700P),¬†even a King size quilt can be done in a matter of hours. Yes! HOURS – not years, months, or even days –¬†hours! YAY!!¬†¬†All without kneeling on the floor using¬†hundreds of curved safety pins to¬†baste the layers together. Ask me how I know about that grueling experience!

After crawling around the floor for over an hour using over 400 safety pins on a Queen size bedspread quilt I was making for my niece, I decided I had had enough. There HAD to be a better, easier way to get my quilt tops quilted! I could barely stand afterwards, so no free-motion quilting on my domestic machine that night.

When I finally got around to quilting, it was difficult and frustrating to wrestle all that fabric and batting through the throat of my machine. I didn’t have the luxury of the 11 inch throat of Janome’s Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker (as I do now ūüėČ ), but even if I had, when trying to quilt a big quilt quickly and easily with minimal physical exertion, bigger is definitely better. The 18 inch throat space of the Quilt Maker Pro18 means that¬†there is¬†a larger area in which to quilt so you don’t need to roll up your quilt as often. Huge timesaver and a lot more fun in the process!

The biggest difference of the long-arm machine is that you are not moving your quilt, you are only moving the machine head. Your quilt layers are rolled up independently onto separate rollers so they feed smoothly and evenly as you quilt layers together. There is no pre-basting necessary, no crawling around the floor with safety pins, nothing! Think of your quilt as your canvas on which to create your stitching masterpiece. It stays stationary while you move the needle of the machine head, which is your brush. An array of thread of any brand and type, the Quilt Maker Pro18 can take it all, is your paint.

Now, the actual quilting process is more fun and easier to do with more satisfying results. It’s actually something I look forward to, whereas in the past it was something I dreaded and avoided – hence the growing pile of UFOs in my studio. I’m VERY happy to say that I’ve finally begun making a dent in that pile, the results of which you’ll see in upcoming blog posts.

Want to multi-task, save even more time and have even more fun in the process? Simply add the Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher computer to your machine and let it do the quilting for¬†you! I’ll go into more of what the Pro-Stitcher computer can do in future blog posts.


Now, don’t worry and feel left out if even the thought of standing in front of the quilt frame for hours tires you out. Janome has YOU covered as well!

Enter the fabulous Artistic Quilter SD-16!

SD for Sit Down. lol! They think of everything! 16 inches of throat space. 8 inches of throat height, by the way, so plenty of room for even a King Size quilt. No pushing and pulling necessary! I’ll go into more detail on the Artistic SD-16 in future posts, but I’ll quickly mention that this fabulous sit down machines includes a Stitch Regulator option, which typically other brands do NOT. Again, Janome thinks of everything.

It may seem a daunting task, but round up your UFOs and imagine them all beautifully quilted and bound and off to their final destination – being used, or viewed and enjoyed. That’s why we make quilts! To be enjoyed, to be loved, not to sit unfinished in a dark hidden corner somewhere.

Contact your local Janome dealer for more information, but also consider joining us in the Janome booth at the upcoming Creative Festival, Hall 5 at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON. October 26-28th. IT’S TIME FOR THE CREATIV FESTIVAL IN TORONTO

It’s the perfect time to see the fabulous Quilt Maker Pro18, or Artistic SD-16¬†up close and most importantly, give it a test drive to see for yourself just how smooth, easy and oh SEW fun it is! UFOs? What UFO’s? lol! ūüôā

Be sure to come back for Part 2 when I’ll delve into what makes the Quilt Maker Pro18 so unique and ultra-easy and fun to use!



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The Janome Horizon Quilt Maker MC 15000 – Part 1

Celebrate with us the new Janome MC Horizon 15000 Quiltmaker!

mc15k_qm-right The all new Horizon Memory Craft Quiltmaker 15000 has already announced on all the Janome websites.  It includes several features and improvements for the previous version as listed below:

  • Six (6) monogram borders/shapes added
  • New tapered stitching function
  • New ruler work quilting
  • New option to determine number of lock stitches preferred from 0-6
  • Light bar showing progress of embroidery
  • Enhanced basting/tracing functions
  • Repositioning of stitch designs
  • Three (3) zoom levels in embroidery to see design detail
  • Ability to rotate patterns on edge of stitch field
  • New thread brand added to Thread rack in SET menu
  • Message reminder to clean the bobbin area of the machine every 15 hours of sewing
  • And so much more

The new Janome Horizon  Quiltmaker MC 15000 includes 5 new feet and a new needle plate. (You can upgrade your previous versions of the Janome MC15000: please contact  your dealer for details and to to purchase the new quilting accessory kit).

  • HP professional grade needle plate and new HP foot
  • PD-H open toe foot
  • 1/4 inch foot without the side bar guide
  • Open toe variable zigzag foot
  • Ruler work foot

New feet Take your previous versions of the MC Horizon 15000 to your authorized dealer for the upgrade of your machine.  Your P foot and the foot holder/ankle will be exchanged for new ones with a new design to be compatible with the improved needle threader system. Your dealer will also update the firmware on the machine to add many new features to the machine. This is free (the new needle threader, the updating + new P embroidery foot and foot holder Рsee below ). Please ask your dealer for pricing on the purchase of the Quilting feet Accessory kit (see above pic and pic below showing kit box).

retainer foot The new feet accessory package is available for purchase once your machine has been upgraded.20170827_080248

 Enjoy all the benefits of the newest 15000 Quiltmaker machine!


Post written by Celine Ross and translated and edited by Yvonne Menear

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fall applique project

Applique can be free form or follow a specific pattern layout.  Appliques can be adhered to the background by many methods.  Traditionally applique was a hand stitching technique that was deemed perfect when you could not see the stitches on the edges of the patches that apply it to the background fabric.  Today, we have so many tools at our disposal that make it easier and faster to produce applique patches.  These applique patches can be on a specific quilt block or placed randomly across a whole cloth background or on a ready made project (shirt, jacket, skirt, table cloth, etc.)

I like to use my machines as much as I can rather than produce handwork. ¬†My handwork is inconsistent in quality whereas my Janome offers precision stitching. ¬†We can also use machines to cut ¬†applique shapes. ¬†Janome ‘s Artistic Edge Digital Cutter¬† will cut applique pieces precisely to any shape we want. ¬†We can then choose to hand stitch, decorative stitch, fuse, or embroider over the top of the appliques to adhere them to the background.

Artistic Edge cutter

Whole cloth quilting traditionally uses one piece of cloth for the top of the quilt with only the stitches creating the decorative designs.  Today, quilters are re-defining the meaning of whole cloth quilting and now include applique and embellished items to be added to the quilt top along with the stitches to create a design.  Machine embroidery enthusiasts take this one step further and use the embroidery hoop on the machine in combination with using placement templates to create perfect alignment of stitch designs to add another layer of interest to the whole cloth appliqued quilt.

I use my Janome MC 15000 to quilt my projects incorporating many different techniques on one quilt.

mc 15000

When quilting a whole cloth design I try to use different densities of stitches to create interest in the quilt top.  Making all stitches exactly the same detracts from what I am trying to accomplish.  I may do free motion quilting, machine embroidery quilt designs in the hoop, and regular sewing stitches in combination to create the all over design I want to produce.  I will also stitch directly over the top of my applique to help adhere the applique further and still be able to see the applique components.

This is an example of multiple types of stitches used to create a whole cloth applique quilt.



Have you considered using multiple techniques on any one project to see how blending different stitch styles can create a more interesting project? You might like to use your Janome products to help you get the creative design you desire.


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Janome Canada Artisan: Kim Jamieson-Hirst talks about her Janome Horizon MC9400

One of our Janome Canada Artisans,¬†Kim¬†Jamieson-Hirst, used the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP to create the sample for the recently launched Community Quilt Along (link is¬† She was thrilled with the features on the Janome Horizon MC9400 which allowed her to quickly and easily finish the raw edge appliqu√© edges on this project. ‚ÄúNot only did the Janome Horizon MC 9400 features make it easy to finish the appliqu√© shapes, but I‚Äôm sure that it also saved me considerable time in creating this quilt sample‚ÄĚ.

Learn what features Kim found especially helpful for this appliqué project by reading her blogpost and watching her video on the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP.  Here is the link.

Community Quilt Along sample
 Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP
Retractable High Light on the Janome MC94000
Needle Up/Down and Presser Foot Lifter Buttons
Open Toe Appliqué Foot
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Yes, sewing and quilting enthusiasts……it is time again for the Creativ Festival in Toronto. It is held at the International Centre, Airport Road, Mississauga in the swish and swanky Hall 5. ¬†¬†Advance tickets are available online and further information may be found here.¬†

Janome will be there, as always, with lots of exciting things planned for you: new products including the NEW Janome Horizon MC15000 Quilt Maker; the fabulous NEW Mc6700 and our very own Quilt Maker Pro 18 long arm. ¬†We also have a fun Janome Maker studio area planned with demo’s throughout the day as well as a surprize display you will certainly enjoy.


Please do come and say Hi to us on the Janome booth. We would love to show you WHAT’S NEW with JANOME this Fall.

SEE YOU AT THE SHOW on 26, 27 & 28 OCTOBER!!

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Janome Artisan: Tania Denyer on how to use the Janome Walking foot to piece HST’s

I am not a fan of HSTs, creating perfect points is not my forte… but avoiding HSTs does not improve my skill so on occasion I try again.

In my continuing attempts to master the HST, I have found that my walking foot is perfect for piecing the HSTs and for sewing on the bias. On the Janome Skyline S7, the walking foot is a cut above the rest: it is the ACUFEED FLEX with superior feed system.

With the Janome SKYLINE S7, if you match the edge of your fabric with the line on the walking foot illustrated in the photo above, you obtain a ¬ľ‚ÄĚ seam‚Ķ as with all quilting, consistency is key.

For this HST practice I needed to find a block with lots of them… not just any old block because it is October and Thanksgiving and think of all the delightful autumn leaves, acorns, pumpkins… and turkeys!

‚ÄúTurkey in the Straw‚ÄĚ is composed of all HSTs, perfect.

Goal: Make 36 HSTs @ 3 ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ (unfinished)

Technique: I have explained my HST technique here, however in the world of quilting there are many different ways to make an HST, so choose what makes you happy.

I used tone on tone fabrics which will allow you to practice your HST skills without panicking over obvious points missed. In my sample, two tones of turquoise were used.

Cut the squares at 4‚ÄĚ – 18 in a medium shade, 18 in a light shade.

‚óŹ On the light square, draw line in pencil and one line on each side of centre line (these are sewing lines)

‚óŹ Sew on sewing lines

‚óŹ Cut on centre line

‚óŹ Press open

‚óŹ Trim to 3 ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ


Once you have 36 HSTs, arrange block


Above pic shows all hsts arranged as block

Sew in 4 patches and then sew as nine patch‚Ķ final size of the block will be 18 ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ square (unfinished)

Above pic shows 4 patches:  two types

Applique turkey with steam a seam and quilt with straight lines, following seams for placement

photo 6 ‚Äď completed

See… that HST practice was not so bad, and I ended up with a lovely turkey quiltlet for the holidays.

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A New ‘Twist’ On Buttonholes

Buttonholes !?! Hopefully the title, and the pun, didn’t put you off.

For those not used to garment sewing, the word “buttonhole” can invoke fear, bewilderment, and a look as if one has just bitten into a lemon.

They’ve always had this air of mystery and a reputation for being tedious, often with less than desirable results.¬†No wonder zippers and hook and loop tape became so popular! lol!

Well, NO more!

These days, ANYONE can incorporate functional and decorative (YES! decorative!) buttonholes in ANY project they choose to make. Quilters take note, they aren’t just for clothing any more! Even YOU can conquer the fear of buttonholes by using them to your advantage. As with most things these days, the machine and the right tools makes ALL the difference!

I’m happy and proud to say that this blog post was¬†inspired by a fabulous project two of my colleagues/ bosses, ¬†(National Education Manager and Janome Life’s very own Liz Thompson, and Marketing and Education Director Debbie Bates) had made. Though the photos below are of dubious quality (I’m a terrible photographer, especially when in a hurry!) you can still see the clever magic of this adorable quilt.

Front of QuiltBack of Quilt

Instead of¬†just tying the quit with yarn, or attempting to use either a¬†long-arm or domestic sewing machine to free motion quilt the layers together, Debbie used buttonhole stitches as the ‘quilting’. I know, neat idea, right?!

These buttonholes are NOT cut apart, so there are no holes in the fabric. While they functionally hold the quilt layers together, they add a unique decorative element as well. Imagine using some embroidery, or metallic thread to really make them pop!

I’m not sure about the rest of you quilters out there, but I’m definitely going to try this on my next baby quilt, especially in soft, cuddly fabrics when I want minimal quilting anyway.

Now, as I¬†mentioned earlier, the machine makes all the difference. On most Janome machines, buttonholes are done quickly, easily and beautifully with just the touch of a button. On the fabulous Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker everything is done that way! ūüôā



The 15000 Quilt Maker JANOME HORIZON QUILT MAKER MC 15000 has a whole category for buttonholes on the home screen. When I select that icon I have a selection of different styles of buttonholes and even have a setting to help me sew on the button!


Having the right foot for the job is sew essential to achieving great results, and the Buttonhole foot takes out all the guesswork. The front arm of the metal stabilizing plate slides up into a notch in the foot and the fabric gets sandwiched in between. This helps secure the fabric while still allowing it to move freely as the buttonhole is being stitched. Like almost all Janome feet, the buttonhole foot easily snaps on and off with a touch of a button.



As with the secret to any success, practice makes perfect! Always test your stitches on a scrap of fabric and read your instructional manual for step by step directions.

The simplicity of the Janome buttonhole foot is the key to what makes buttonholes so quick and easy to make. Simply drop in the size button you’d like to use in the gauge at the back of the buttonhole foot, and THAT’S the size “hole” your machine will stitch. Mystery solved!! NO math required!

If you have a button with a shank on it, and you need your buttonhole to be just a tiny bit longer to accommodate that extra thickness, you can adjust the silver knob at the back of the foot to either slightly shorten, or in this case, lengthen whatever style of buttonhole selected. Again, Janome takes the guesswork out of it for you!


One feature on my fabulous Janome Horizon MC15000 I dearly love is the “MEM”¬†(#2)¬†buttonhole, which records a memory of whatever length of buttonhole I want. I simply stitch my first buttonhole to my desired length, then the machine prompts me to either select the same size or choose another. This way I can ensure perfect, consistently stitched buttonholes all down the front of my shirt placket, or all over my quilt. ūüôā¬† Again, let the machine do the work!


IMG_8456 (1)

One of the last steps in any project might be to sew on the button, so before you could even¬†dig out that¬†hand-sewing needle, your machine might possibly have the “button” to do it for you. On my fabulous Janome Horizon MC15000 Quilt Maker it is #14.

Basically, any machine which can do a zig-zag, can sew on a button – just be VERY careful and TEST to make sure the needle will clear the holes and not hit the sides of the button. Turn your flywheel¬†BY HAND¬†first! Ask me how I know this! ūüôā


It’s awesome just how far machines have come over the years, and with the right machine, they really make tasks, which were once considered dreaded and mundane, super quick and easy to complete. They also allow you to expand your creativity and let you use something like a plain old buttonhole in a fun, playful new¬†way.

Take a closer look at the stitches on your machine and try to think of new ways to use them. That’s part of the fun and joys of sewing! It’s YOUR’S to create!

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OK, I’m a day late but not a $ short!! The value of this giveaway of thread is approx. $140 x 2!!! The 2 winners of the Aurifil Tamara Kate Canada 150 thread boxes have just been selected. And just to clarify: the winners are selected by counting the entries in order in which they arrive on the blog ……when we reach the computer # which was randomly selected….that is the winner.

CONGRATS TO BARBARA DEMERS and JONNIE with a computer/pen name of edmontonjb.  Not sure until I see the postal addresses but it seems we may have  winners from BC and Alberta.

I will be contacting you shortly to get  a mailing address to ship the thread to you. ENJOY!!! And do please show us pics of what you create with the thread.

This giveaway closed at midnight on 30th September. Watch this space for more giveaways……we have them from time to time and you never know when you may be the lucky winner?!?¬†

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Janome Hand look quilting

Choosing The Best Speciality Thread For The Stitch Type

Some stitch designs built into the machine require a special type of thread to make the stitch work well.  Take the hand look quilt stitch for instance.  Have you ever used it?  Did you recognize what it is on the little diagram on the machine?  Sometimes it is hard to visualize what the stitch is and how to change the machine settings to make it look the best it can.

hand stitch

This particular stitch requires some adjustments to be made at the machine.  First off, the thread color that is seen on the top of the fabric, is actually the bobbin thread and not the top thread. So you need to wind your bobbin with the thread color you want to show.

The second step is to increase the thread tension on the upper thread slightly – possibly 1-2 numbers AND use the Quilters or blue dot bobbin case which has a lower tension than normal and will release the bobbin thread to go up top to form the hand look quilt stitches just perfectly.

Thirdly, is the thread selection.  It is recommended to use a monofilament or invisible thread. This type of thread is virtually invisible when used for stitching.

My issue with monofilament thread is that I can not see it well enough to thread the needle and sometimes when stitching I think the thread has broken because I can’t see it stitching. ¬†To solve this issue, I have switched to 100wt thread. ¬†I choose a thread color that matches my background fabric so it blends in and can not be seen. ¬†This works much better for my vision. ¬†There are now several manufacturers of this weight of thread to choose from. ¬†Although it is exceptionally thin, it is still strong enough to stitch with.

Adding this hand look stitch to my projects adds a wonderful dimension.  It looks like it took time to stitch by hand, but only takes minutes when done on the machine.  I love that Janome has included this stitch option on many of the models on their line of machines.

monofilament thread

100 wt thread

Wouldn’t you like to produce quilts that LOOK like they have been hand quilted and yet it was actually your Janome sewing machine that did it so easily and quickly for you?



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I have been traveling around the Canadian Prairies for the last 10 days promoting our wonderful NEW Janome products this Fall. WOW! Are people loving the NEW Janome MC6700 or what? No mistake in the words in our ads: SIT. SEW. FALL IN LOVE. Everywhere I go, people sit down at the machine, sew a bit and tell me they love it and want it! I arrived at Haus of Stitches in Saskatchewan where Ron Collins ( one of our Janome Canada Artisans) was finishing off a 3 day Sewing Retreat. I was no sooner in the door, than both he and Wendy (owner of Haus of Stitches) were telling me that Ron had fallen in love! He already sews on several of our Janome machines but he told me that the Janome MC6700 is the machine for him. He totally loves the feel and sound of it, the extra space and the way it stitches. He stitched out all the buttonholes and eyelets on a piece of linen fabric and was super impressed with the stitch quality. ¬†He says it sews beautifully – and he is “in love”! ¬†I had many people at both the Creativ Festival shows in Edmonton and Calgary asking about the machine and wanting to see it.

I sat and sewed at the machine before I left home for this trip and think I’m in love too + ¬†2 of our Janome Canada Educators are in love and want this machine!!

Remember our classic models the Janome MC6500P and MC6600P? These models sold over 100,000 units in North America!  Janome has now introduced another winner in the Janome MC6700 as they have combined many of the beloved, classic features on the previous models with up to date, enhanced functionality to offer our Janome fans a truly stunning new model.

So what is so special about this new model?

** the sewing bed is larger at 10 inches of throat space

** the lighting is greatly enhanced with 3 white LED lights – newer technology – more light for sewing all your special projects!

** at 1200spm the Janome MC6700 is the FASTEST sewing machine on the domestic market!

** knobs for adjusting SW and SL with larger LCD screen and super easy stitch selection

** NEW style 2 tier accessory box for storing machine  feet & accessories.

** new style double-sided stitch chart that doubles as a nifty clip board and slides down lower for storage & traveling.

** Programmable direct stitch selection – YOU select the stitches you want for your favourites on “speed dial”!

** this model offers the updated features of 9mm wide stitches; Acufeed Flex and superior feed system; one step needle plate removal; easy set bobbin threading and bobbin winding; and more.

** PLUS those classic features that more than 100,000 satisfied Janome customers love:

-solid metal flat bed design

-telescoping spool stand for small & large spools of thread which folds away for traveling & storage

-knee lifter

-great quality stitching and the classic Janome smooth sounding motor

-extension table and soft cover

Trust me on this one:  Visit your local authorized Janome dealer to see this exceptional new Janome machine and be as excited as we all are to welcome it onto the Janome line.

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