Welcome to the World of Serging with the Janome Four DLB

Perhaps you purchased our Janome Four DLB serger recently? or maybe you have another very similar Janome serger? Or maybe you are thinking about possibly buying a serger?  Well, we have info for you today! 

Sergers like the Janome Four DLB serger are workhorses. Sergers tackle so many projects and power through multiple layers with ease. They take simple projects and elevate them to a professional level. Here’s a short list of things you can use your serger for, but really, you will find so many great ways to use it:

  • Finishing seam allowances in woven garments
  • Rolled hem edges
  • Serged decorative edges
  • Gathering fabrics
  • Finishing the edge on a quilt before binding. This makes your binding sit so nice and flat.
  • Adding a decorative wave to projects
  • Sewing knit clothing and other projects in one step.

The best place to start with your Janome Four DLB serger is understanding how it works, what a differential feed is, how to tweak your settings to get the finish you want and biggest of all, how to thread it. We have created 2 videos for you on YouTube which will give you the run down of all the different parts of your machine and two methods to thread it.  Here is another video. I highly suggest practicing threading your serger  multiple times. Having 4 threads to thread through the machine takes some time and the more you practice it the less time it will take you so if you break a thread in the middle of a project you can be back up and running in no time flat!

Let’s talk first projects. We have a Pinterest Board just packed full of project ideas and tips and tricks for you!  

Once you have starting, stopping, securing your tails and turning corners you are all set and ready to jump into your first big project.

Useful tools which come with your serger

Good luck with your new Janome Four DLB serger! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Please tag @janomecanada in your projects on social media. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube and right here so you don’t miss out on all the great content we have been creating for you!

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What do fringe flowers, Janome C30; 2000CPX and the MC6650 have in common?

Not a trick question! We want to be sure you are all aware that we have a relatively NEW You Tube channel called Janome Life …..of course!……..where we have approx.  75 videos ready and waiting for your sewing entertainment and edification. AND we are adding more videos ongoing.

This is where you will find the videos created when we do our weekly Instagram Lives  as well as other videos we have created for Janome life blog posts or other projects we may have been working on. The whole point is to provide good sewing information for you that is ongoing and easily accessible. 

Janome Acufeed Flex ditch quilting foot

We have arranged playlists for you to find what you are looking for even more easily. There are currently 8 playlists such as Instagram Lives or Quilting with Janome but we will add more playlists as it becomes necessary.

In addition we have provided a description with each video so you can read that before watching the video. We think this helps you decide if it is going to contain what you may be looking for – just trying our best to meet your sewing needs! Also in the description with each video is a list of sources/places where you can find more information on that topic or on Janome and sewing/quilting/serging etc.

If you have not yet visited our You Tube channel, we invite you to do so and to subscribe so that you get a message each time we post a new video.  Hit the bell!

And send us a comment here if there are specific Janome topics you’d like to see in a video on Janome Life blog and/or You Tube channel. Recently a Janome MC8200 owner asked for videos on the MC8200.  We listened and one of our Educators is working on getting those videos taped and ready to publish. So ……speak up! We can’t promise to provide a video for all the requests but we will try our best.


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See our recent Instagram Live and video on Janome Life You Tube with Celine as she showed how to make a flag with a double sided applique

Happy birthday to us here in Canada!! We have had, shall we say, an interesting year so far. Certainly unprecedented, sometimes stressful, sometimes anxious, sometimes quiet and lonely, sometimes fun and creative. We guess the Pandemic has stretched us all in ways we did not know before and made us turn to things that make us happy and carefree. For many of us in the sewing world, this is sewing creativity. We thought it would be good to have a show and tell of past Canadian projects. We hope you enjoy.

the stunning Canada 150 Maple leaf quilt made by Tamara Kate during our big Canada 150 year

This machine was a limited edition (now long since sold out) machine to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday

And that same year, one of educators at that time (Yvonne) digitized these lovely maple leaf designs which Liz made up into a colourful vertical banner.

Cheryl Arkison has published several books, is a proud Canadian living in Alberta and here is one of her lovely quilts.

What have you been sewing during the Pandemic?

Have you have time to relax and sew?

Or were you one of those who has been working feverishly on the front lines? We THANK all of these people without whom we would have been in a much more difficult place: nurses, doctors and health workers, police, city service workers, courier companies and Canada Post, Grocery store workers and suppliers, government workers and all those I have not specifically listed………..We are deeply grateful for your service. 

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Eco-Friendly Serger Ribbon

Picture this: you’ve just made the most beautiful quilt ever. It turned out amazing, and now you have leftover binding strips or strips of matching fabric. It’s not enough to make a matching pillow cover, and way to much to throw away. What do you do?

Well, pull out your serger (I have the Janome AirThread 2000D Serger) and have no fear!!

I don’t have any extra binding strips right now, (which is sad because I’ve been sewing lots of quilt tops, just not binding them yet), so I pulled out my scrap bucket and went diving. I found the perfect fabric to try out a Pinterest pin that I had found about making continuous bias tape.

It was so easy to make a long length of bias tape, which you could use for binding around curves, or like I did today, to make ribbon to wrap a handmade gift.

My square is about 11.5″.

I started off with a square and then cut it on the diagonal to create two triangles.

I pressed the diagonal to make it easier to cut.

After the square was cut, I laid them out with two of the straight edges, then sewed them together to make a parallelogram. Then I marked 1.5″ lines, parallel to the bias edges.

Straight edges sewn together
Serged, then pressed and marking lines drawn.

Now it was time to offset the marking lines along the bias edge. This is so that you can have one continuous strip made from the square.

Serging the open end to make a tube.

After those edges were matched and sewn, it’s time to cut the strip. This was fairly easy to do on the serger, I just lined up the marking line with the knife on the serger and serged it in one continuous line of stitching.

Voila! Serger Ribbon!

You can take this one step further. Instead of just serging the remaining raw edge, you can put decorative threads into your top looper and roll-hem the raw edge and make it pretty. You can even insert fine gauge beading wire to make it wired ribbon, to create 3-D bows on your handmade gifts.

Don’t these Madeira threads make it look so pretty?

Why not give it a try? You won’t be sorry and you may even find yourself making ribbon for all occasions to keep on hand.

If you don’t have a serger, you can still use this technique with a sewing machine, or you can check out a recent Instagram Live video about joining strips for binding!

We want to see what you create with your serger! Tag us on Instagram with @janomecanada or use #janomecanada in your description.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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Instagram Live schedule for this week June 29 – July 3

We have an Instagram Live EVERYDAY for you this week…. Maybe you’d like to set alarms on your phone so you don’t forget to watch! 

PLEASE note that the time EVERY DAY will be 1pm Eastern on the applicable IG page as listed below. 

Monday 29th June: Janomeman continues with his very informative A-Z series @JanomeHQ Instagram page. Today is the letter V for the Gathering Foot – Use this handy foot to quickly make uniform gathers, without having to pull threads!

Tuesday 30th June: Melissa shows us how to quilt with your feed dogs up   @janomecanada  Instagram page

Acufeed Flex foot with the ditch quilting sole plate.

Wednesday 1st July :  @janomeHQ      Janomeman is back with the letter W  –  the Binding Foot – Quickly make narrow tape, spaghetti straps, or bind a single layer of fabric with the very cool looking optional foot!

Thursday 2nd June:  Janome Canada educator, Janomegirl has good information for us on the hand look quilt stitch today  @JanomeCanada

Friday 3rd July:  @JanomeHG  Janomeman has more in his A-Z series: X is for X marks the spot! Get perfect placement of your embroidery design by using the Clothsetter!


  • We’d love you to tune in each day this week at 1pm on either @janomecanada or @janomehq – as listed above – as you get the chance to ask questions and see the presentation  LIVE.
  • However, if you cannot make it at 1pm or you miss the Live, it DOES get posted almost immediately to the applicable Instagram page with the little IGTV logo (TV with antenna) The video will stay here for a long as we keep it there so come back and watch anytime.
  • AND, it will also be posted to either the Janome Life or Janome HQ You Tube Channels. Just give us a bit of time to transfer, edit and upload to You Tube.

If you are not sure about how to tune in to an Instagram Live, please check out this link. (scroll down for step by step instructions). It is easier than you think!

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SATURDAY SEWING with Janome: quick and easy serger quilting technique.

YES I did use the words serger and quilting in the same sentence!!  We often say that a 3 thread serged seam is as close to a 1/4 inch seam as you are likely to get. AND it is super fast plus it leaves the seam cut and neatened in ONE step. And if your are making a quilt for warmth, that extra thread in your seam just adds to the warmth!

But we are not making a quilt today. No –  we have a quick and easy quilt-as-you-go-by-serger technique to share with you. You may be familiar with the technique? You may never have tried this before?

Please note that you can, of course, make this with a sewing machine instead of a serger. You would just sew seams using a straight stitch – a 1/4 inch  or slightly wider seam would work. I recommend a walking foot for sure. But I do think a serger is faster and neater.

It could end up as a quilt if you kept going.  Like this large lap quilt which is FULLY reversible.

This quilt was serged with wide (approx 6 – 6 1/2 inch) strips of fabric and batting. The borders were about the same width strips. Not exactly a scrap buster project but I include it here as another project idea.  Notice that the one side had reds, greens and tan prints and the other side – fully reversible  – is more Fall colours and checks and stripes. This quilt can literally be put together and quilted in just a couple of hours. Each time you serge the bundles of strips and batting together, you are piecing and  ALSO quilting. Talk about getting 2 things done at once!

Our Saturday Sewing project idea this week is a cute and practical little tote for “what-have-you”: knitting? magazine or book? groceries? your iPad? your Canada Day picnic food?

BTW Do you do Canada Day picnics? If so, do you BBQ or have sandwiches, snacks and finger food? Of course, nice cold beverages are a must. We are going to have a lovely South African “braai” (BBQ) with steak, “boerewors” (farmer’s sausage) and salads as that is hubby’s birthday request – just with family in our little “bubble” which will be fun- I think we have all missed our loved ones in recent months….so it’s time to celebrate both Canada Day and a special family birthday!

This is a stash buster/scrap buster project so it is a great way to cut up strips of your fabric so that you are left with storage space to go buy more fabric…… Now there is a good plan! On Tuesday next week, we have another serger project where you can use up even more of your scraps…..be sure to FOLLOW us so you get a reminder when we publish new posts.

I’ve provided a pictorial step-by-step tutorial below but I also have a video for you on our Janome Life You Tube channel so I guess this just became a vlog….. Follow along, enjoy and let us know below if you have questions. Please do comment below if you liked the project as we do like to hear from you. If you don’t let us know you liked something, then we don’t know to offer you more along the same lines …………..so let’s hear the comments please.

It is ALWAYS important to do a small test serge before you start with your stash busting strips. Maybe you have not got one of the threads fully into a thread guide? Or maybe you have a thread wrapped around something that it should not be wrapped around? TEST SEW to check all is good. I was super happy with this test and had zero adjustments to make with this trusty and easy to use Janome Four DLB serger

STEP 1: layer SIX strips together in this order from the bottom to the top: 2 fabric strips RIGHT sides together; 1 batting strip; 2 more strips of fabric RIGHT sides together; 1 more batting on the top.

It is only this FIRST step that you need SIX layers. Once you open it out as shown in the video and pic below, the second and subsequent sets of strips have just THREE layers – 2 strips of fabric and ONE piece of batting right on the top. That second piece of batting is only needed with the first step.

step one opened out and pressed on both sides – it is double sided/reversible

Step 2 – Adding another fabric strip right sides together + 1 batting strip on TOP on the right hand side of step 1

Step 2 underneath or at the bottom: just 1 layer of fabric – a strip right sides together as in this pic.
SO you add 1 batting and 2 strips of fabric in step 2.

Once step 2 layers are in place, sew down the right hand edge ensuring you catch all layers with your serging. Open out fabric top and bottom with batting between. Press.

Keep going adding 2 fabrics and 1 batting strip each time. You can turn it around and add strips to the left of the first 2 rows. This pic shows both sides – still fully reversible and quilted as you serged! Keep going adding to both sides until your panel is the size you require for your tote (or whatever project you wish to make)

Once you have your serged/quilted panel the size you require, trim with a rotary cutter and ruler. I added more strips along the top and bottom which would be the top edges of my tote.

Next was to sew the side seams. I used my serger for this too which neatened it nicely inside my little tote. You could, of course do a Hong kong seam finish if you prefer. I think it is too thick for a french seam but I guess you could try?

Next was to add a binding to the top edge of my tote – just like you would add a quilt binding. I used my Janome sewing machine for this.

And last was to add my tote handles: I used 2 scraps of matching fabric long enough for my handles by approx 2 – 3 inches wide. Sandwich batting scraps about 1 – 2 inches wide inside the fabric if you wish. I did not use batting here. Press a 1/4 inch fold down one long edge on both handles/straps. Fold over lengthwise and press so that the 1/4 inch folded edge is over the raw edge down the other long edge. Stitch all the way down the middle using a serpentine stitch (as in the pic below). Of course, you could use other stitches like a zig-zag or dec. stitch. Use a stitch at least 6 or 7mm wide so that all those edges are caught and sewed down in place. Fold over the ends of the handles, position on the front & back of the tote and sew handles in place.


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Project Bags: sewing and embroidery on vinyl


You probably know I’m a big fan of organization. Everything in its place and a place for everything.

I love my hobbies. And every hobby has its tools and equipment. And all those tools need places to be stored!

Generally I have a lot of knitting projects on the go – I suppose I should be more organized by starting one, completing it, and then moving on to the next project but we all know that’s not the case.  So I decided to develop a project bag to store current knitting projects and keep all the pieces – pattern, yarn, needles, and anything else I need – all in one place.


I found this multi-size Oxford Pouch pattern from Kandou Crafts. It is a basic zip bag pattern.

Within my fabric stash, I found some faux leather (maybe you remember the purple from when I used it here) and decided to use that for my exterior fabric and exterior pocket to give the final product a nice, sturdy finish.

In doing that, I know that this type of material sometimes tends to “stick” when trying to work with it on my Janome Skyline S9 so I used the Acufeed Flex Dual Feed Foot to ensure all the pieces are stitched consistently.


Of course, thread choices are a big part of the sewing process. I settled on this variegated pink, purple, grey from Madeira.


It really makes this top stitching really pop.


To add a little personalization to the project bag, I added in some embroidery – which is super easy because the Janome Skyline S9 handles both sewing and embroidery.


The Janome AcuEdit app makes this really easy to do. I love all these little tools that help you get just the right letter (or object) placement. Right now I’m “scootching” over the letter “e” to just the right position.


And the Janome AcuSetter gets my final text positioned perfectly on fabric.

“Alexa… weave in all my ends” will ensure I always know this bag is designated for knitting projects.


The wifi feature on the Janome Skyline S9 makes it really easy to transfer my design to the Skyline S9.


I’m really happy with this new project bag. It has numerous pockets. Two inside and two outside pockets offer plenty of organizing option.


Don’t you just love it when your edges come together as you hope they do!


IMG_6428 2

Do you use project bags to organize your sewing supplies or other hobby tools?
What saying would you want to embroider on a sewing bag?

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Free motion with Janome

We apologize…..we had some technical difficulties earlier today when our Janome Canada artisan, Kim, was going to do an Instagram Live for you.  So to make up for that, we offer the following links so you can get good information on this topic. Thanks, Kim, for compiling this list of links.

Free Motion Quilting Feet on the Janome MC9450 is at https://janomelife.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/janome-mc9450-free-motion-quilting-feet/.

Ruler Foot for the 9400 at https://janomelife.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/new-qr-ruler-foot-for-the-janome-mc9400/

And here is a VERY useful guide to which of our Ruler feet are compatible with which model. 

Attaching Presser Feet to the 9450 at https://janomelife.wordpress.com/2019/11/15/attaching-presser-feet-on-the-janome-mc9450/. This includes the ruler foot and free motion quilting feet.

Open Toe Free Motion Quilting Foot for the 9400 at https://janomelife.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/new-open-toe-free-motion-foot-for-the-janome-mc9400/

PD-H Darning Feet - 1

That sure gives you some good information on free motion and rulerwork. Have fun!


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Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite Part 7: MC15000 Help Movie

Alas, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Today is the last of my Spotlight series on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite computer software, which comes on a companion CD for the Top-of-the-Line, Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker, and it’s previous versions. For a review of this series, click on the following links to get you started, and be sure to use the SEARCH box on the main page of Janome Life to search for more posts about Horizon Link Suite, and all things Janome!

Part 1: Introduction to Horizon Link SuitePart 2: EmbLink ToolPart 3: PatternCombo ToolPart 4: AcuFil Tools

Today we’ll look at the last two segments of Horizon Link Suite; MC15000 Help Movie and Jsmc862Intaller.

MC15000 Help Movie

As the name suggests, by clicking MC15000 Help Movie, you’ll have little videos to watch to help you with some of the basic operations of your machine. Hover over with your mouse, or click on each icon to review what the video is about, but you can likely guess just by looking at the icons what information may be shared.

MC15000 Help Movie Icons

MC15000 Help Movie Selections

The videos may seem pretty basic, but we may not be sewing buttonholes every day, for example, so it’s good to have a little review once in a while. Click on the Automatic Button Hole foot (R) Icon for some tips. You certainly won’t be sewing very long, or won’t have good results if your bobbin is not wound correctly, so it’s good to review the steps as a reminder, especially if you haven’t sewn for awhile, or if the machine is new to you. Even those of us who’ve been sewing for 30 years and more could use a refresher and reminders from time to time., so the built-in help videos are there to indeed help. They’re also built-in to your Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker, so you can review them on the machine, as well. Page 25 of your manual shows the steps how to access and review them.

MC15000 Help Movie pg 25 in manual

The last segment of Horizon Link Suite is the Jsmc862Installer which will download the drivers into your computer to utilise the USB capabilities of the machine. A few simple clicks of the mouse and you’re done!

HLS USB Driver

And, speaking of done, this concludes my Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite computer software. I hope you’ve found it fun and informative and most of all, I hope it empowers you to get comfortable with and to take advantage of all the wonderful tools Janome provides us with this exceptional machine, the MC15000 Quiltmaker. I bought my machine 6 years ago and STILL marvel at all it’s tremendous capabilities. Wouldn’t our grandmother’s be SEW envious!?

Happy Sewing everyone! Stay Safe!


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Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite Part 6 : Screen Saver Tool

We’re in the home stretch of the final few installments of our spotlight on Horizon Link Suite; Janome’s amazing computer software included with the Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker, and it’s previous versions. The software allows you to create, design, edit and customize your machine from the comfort of your easy chair. For a review of my previous posts on Horizon Link Suite, click on the link HERE. You can use the SEARCH box on the main page of Janome Life to look up all the related posts to HLS, and all things Janome!

Today we’ll look at Screen Saver Tool, which allows you to customize the gallery of images which cycle through the LCD screen of the sewing machine when it’s idle. You can also switch this function off in the settings of the machine, but it’s a fun little feature, and a great way get comfortable navigating through software, saving files onto a USB stick, and learning the functions of your machine. Janome gives us all this amazing technology, so why not use it?

Screen Saver HLS

What’s even more fun is that Screen Saver Tool also comes available with a few other machines, as well! With the Janome Skyline S9, its on the “AcuTools S” CD included with the machine, and with the fabulous new Janome Continental M7P!, it’s included on the “PC Application Pack” CD, along with Stitch Composer and Quilt Block Advisor.You’re really missing out on maximizing the benefits of your machine if you haven’t installed and aren’t taking advantage of the software which comes with your machine.

AND! If that weren’t enough, Screen Saver Tool is also available as a FREE App for your iPhone and iPad to use with our Certified WiFi machines, the Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker and Skyline S9. How cool is that?!

The first thing I always suggest when opening most Janome software programs is to look in the top right corner of your computer screen to find the little blue question mark. Click that to find a built-in, printable instruction manual which walks you through the whole process of building your screen saver gallery, saving it to a USB stick and transferring to the machine. The steps are the same for each of the above mentioned machines.

Screen Saver Blue Question Mark

Screen Saver Help Files

Janome is all about choices and giving you control to customize, so you can select how long each of the 5 images will display on the LCD screen of the machine; from 2 to 30 seconds.

Screen Saver Time Lapse

Upload your favourite photos and images from your PC and edit if you’d like to fit the screen. I had to stretch the photo of me meeting my idle, Eleanor Burns from Quilt In A Day, to eliminate the blank spots above and below the photo, but I didn’t mind. By doing so, don’t I look slimmer? If only I could do that in real life! lol!

Screen Saver Me and EleanorScreen Saver Me and Eleanor adjusted

Click “Write Bin” when you’re ready to save your gallery onto a USB stick, then, remember to safely remove it from your computer, and insert into the USB port of the machine. The Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker has two, but it won’t matter which one you use.

Screen Saver Write a Bin

Go into the Settings of your machine, make sure the Screen Saver icon is turned ON, and select the Sewing Machine icon to import the images into the machine. This is the settings screen of my MC15000 Quiltmaker, but the screens of the other machines listed above will be very similar, so the steps are the same.

Screen Saver ON in set mode of 15000

Whenever I teach classes on the Apps, I always start with Screen Saver Tool because it’s a quick, easy process to navigate and gets students comfortable and familiar with some of the steps which are the same, or similar within the other Janome Apps available. I’ll be teaching classes on the Apps at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON, so write me at classes@janome-canada.com if you’d like to be placed on the list!

It’s those times when I sit at my sewing machine with seam ripper in hand, which is all too often, I’m afraid, or when taking the time to pin something in place, it’s fun having some of my favourite photos scrolling by on the screen of my machine. It reminds me of better, less tedious times, but also as a reminder that such times spent with the seam ripper, and pins are often necessary to get to the finished product, which are the inspirational photos I have saved as my screen saver – those, and Eleanor Burns, of course! lol!

Happy Sewing!




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