How to Update your Janome Continental M17

Is your Janome CM17 up to date? Yes, this machine has only been out for a little over a year but there has already been one update released and your machine may be out of date – no one likes that! 😳The update will load a new icon on the LCD screen which will move the embroidery carriage coupling to the centre position if ever you will repack the carriage in the original box, or just need to move it out of the way.

Janome Continental M17

Not to panic: it’s easy to update the Janome CM17 and I’ll explain how to do it so you can be sure that your machine has the latest update installed.

First, you’ll need to check to see what software version your machine is running. Maybe you won’t need to do an update after all and you can just keep on stitching 😀.

To check to see what software version your Janome CM17 is running, turn the machine on and look at the large LCD display screen. You’ll see the version number near the bottom of the screen. Make a note of this number so you can next check to see if this is the latest version.

The software version your Janome CM17 is running shows on the large LCD display screen when the machine is turned on

Next, you’ll need to check out the latest software updates, if any, on the Janome Global website here.

When you click on the Continental M17 title, you’ll see the latest update and version number at the top of the list.

If the software version that your Janome CM17 is running isn’t this version (remember the number you wrote down?), then you will need to update your machine. If your machine is already running this software version, you can stop reading right now and go back to creating! If not, keep reading!

You’ll need to download the latest software version to your computer, then transfer the necessary file (update.bin) to a USB stick which you will then use to update your machine.

This is easy to do but involves a few steps, so I’ve created a video here that walks you through the entire process from downloading the files from the Janome Global website to opening up the files and ensuring that the necessary one is uploaded to a USB stick ready to be used with your Janome CM17.

Once the appropriate file is on a USB stick, the process to update the Janome CM17 is similar to updating other Janome models. There are only a few things to do but the order is important to ensure a successful update.

First, the machine must be turned off. If you had turned it on to check the software version it was running, you now need to turn it off.

Next, insert the USB stick with the update file on it into one of the two USB ports on the right side of the machine – your machine is still turned off.

Hold down the Needle Up/Down button and the Lock Stitch button at the same time and continue to hold them down while you turn the machine on. Continue holding these two buttons down until the screen turns green. Once you see this colour, you can release the two buttons because the update has started.

It takes a few minutes to update the Janome CM17, so relax until the display screen indicates “Finish” which means that the update is complete.

You can now turn off the machine and remove the USB stick.

The next time you turn on your Janome CM17, you’ll notice that it is been updated as the version number will now be different than before.

At the time of this blogpost (June 2023), the current software version for the Janome CM17 is 1.01.

If you are having problems updating your machine, check to ensure that the update.bin file is the only file on the USB stick.

If you are still having problems with the update, contact your local Janome dealer who will be able to help you.

I wish you a successful update and fun creating with the Janome CM17!

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst of Chatterbox Quilts, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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Janome Canada Educators near YOU!

Spring is in the air and the better weather means it’s much easier to travel. After being grounded the last few years (you remember what happened!) our Janome Canada Education team is thrilled be back on the road to share the Janome love with our friends, fans and followers across the country!

I was just in Ahtahkakoop, Saskatchewan to bring two new fabulous Janome FA4 sergers to their school, which had already received an allotment of Janome 20230 QDC machines as part of Janome Canada’s partnership with the national organization, I Love First Peoples.

Actress Summer Testawich – don’t you love her ribbon skirt?!

I was thrilled to be asked by the founders of ILFP, Josee and Ian, (pictured below on the left and at the back respectively) to accompany them, along with young actress, Summer Testawich, and her mother, Cricket. Summer has a starring role in the recently released film, Bones of Crows, though I was honored to attend a special sneak peek screening while in Ahtahkakoop. When you see the film, keep your tissues handy!

Alan, our Marketing Coordinator was along to take photos and videos, which you’ll see more of in upcoming Janome Life blogs. He even made it into a few of the photos instead of always being behind the lens, lol! You may read more about our recent donation drive with ILFP HERE.

Today is Thursday, June 8th, my birthday, so we’d love for you to help us celebrate by joining us at Quilt Canada, 2023 in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Visit the Canadian Quilters Association’s website for full details, and be sure to stop by the Janome Canada booth to say Hello!

Many of you tune in each week to the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page or Janome Canada Facebook page to learn from and be entertained by our fabulous “walking encyclopedia” of sewing and all things Janome, Celine Ross. Now is your chance to meet Celine face to face and ask her all your questions. Celine and I will be joined by the fabulous Monique, who is a master of the longarm quilting machines, specifically the Janome Quilt Maker 20 with Pro Stitcher software. Monique is also an excellent free-motion quilter and can answer your questions about which threads to use, battings, how to balance tensions; you name it!

If Halifax is a little too far to visit, perhaps The Quilt Store West in Burlington, Ontario is closer to home. Join me and Janome Canada educator extraordinaire, Amanda Brown (AmandaBee) Saturday, June 17th, 2023 as we welcome The Quilt Store West into the Janome Canada Dealership family.

Be sure to visit The Quilt Store West’s website and follow them on Facebook for full details. Amanda and I will be demoing many machines, like the fabulous Janome Continental M7 and it’s big sister, the Janome Continental M17, as well as various presser feet and attachments. If ever you’ve wondered how to miter corners on the Quilt Binder Set Attachment, this will be your opportunity to see it up close and ask all your questions. We hope to see you!

I realize not everyone is able to travel or the distances be too far, so I’ll be doing a series of LIVE presentations from Quilt Canada in Halifax, and The Quilt Store West’s Grand Opening on the Janome Canada Facebook page, so be sure to follow our Janome Canada social media, including the Janome HQ You Tube channel so you don’t miss sharing in the Janome love and the Janome fun!

Our Janome Canada education team is excited to head back to the various dealer’s stores across the country, so be sure to visit and support your local Janome Canada dealer, who can book us for events. We’d love see you!

Happy Sewing!

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Quilt Canada 2023 – Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Janome Canada is sew excited to be sharing the Janome love and the love of sewing and quilting with our friends and fans out east this year. For full details of scheduled events, classes, lectures and vendors in the shopping plaza, check out the Canadian Quilters Association website.

Today is set-up day, so the day is largely unpredictable as there’s so much on the go. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to go LIVE for my usual Janome HQ Instagram LIVE at 1pm Eastern.

However, I will be posting videos on the Janome HQ You Tube channel and our Janome Canada Facebook and Instagram pages, and I will be going LIVE on the Janome Canada Facebook page throughout the show, June 8, 9 and 10. The exact times are up in the air as it all depends on what’s happening in the booth and we’ll be assisting in the classrooms, as well.

If you can’t join the LIVE presentations, not to worry, they’ll be saved under the Videos/Media tab on the Janome Canada Facebook page to review whenever you’d like, and will uploaded to the Janome HQ You Tube channel, as well.

We hope you can join us for Quilt Canada 2023 from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’ll be sew much fun!

Happy Sewing!

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Today’s Facebook LIVE – Recycled Jeans Pockets

We can never have enough bags! Overnighters to reusable grocery store totes and everything in between! Clever techniques and the proper tools will help you to add zippers, pockets, handles, straps and everything else needed to make a beautifully designed bag!

Celine is back LIVE every Tuesday at 3pm EST on the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page for an entire month of sewing fun and education to help you get the most from your Janome machine!

Today, Celine will show you a clever recycling idea using the pockets from that old pair of jeans to create a reusable bag on the go. Though Celine uses the fabulous Janome Continental M17, many of the same presser feet and stitches used in her projects can be found on many Janome machines.

Janome Continental M17.
Janome Skyline S9
Janome Skyline S7
Janome MC9850Special Edition

Celine will share her tips about stabilizers, threads, needles; everything you need to know to “wear your machine” as Celine puts it. Talk about sharing, and wearing the Janome love! lol!

Check out our handy Janome Accessories Guide or click on the Accessories Tab on Janome.CA. to find the presser feet and accessories compatible with your machine. Click the Products tab, then scroll down to find “View all Accessories“. Click there to access the Search Box or to scroll through the pages to find the accessories you’d like. Click on the picture/description to find the Part Number and machine compatibility. And, as always, check with your fabulous Janome Dealer!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE. All of the presentations will be saved under the Videos tab of the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page. Use the Search Box to find all the videos with Celine Ross.

Don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, they will be uploaded to the Janome HQ You Tube channel under the Facebook Live playlist to enjoy whenever you wish!

Happy Sewing!

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In Defence of Trying All The Things

Quilting has a rap for being all about perfection. This often leads to people not wanting to try new things because they don’t want to be seen as less than perfect. To me quilting is about the process, letting my creativity run wild and embracing the learning that happens every time I sew. Not many other creative outlets have someone breaking out a ruler and magnifying glass to count stitches and to let you know your stitches are too big or checking to see if you can see the tippy top of every point. We need to let go of this thought of being perfect.

I started this quilt many years ago when I was first learning to quilt. I joined a block of the month club and had zero control over fabric choices. Right off the start I want to tell you, do not pick the colour way you don’t love because you want to push yourself to try new colours. You can push yourself to try new techniques but if you don’t love the fabric you are working with you will resent it.

When I was making this quilt I didn’t know about 1/4″ presser feet. I used the foot which came on my machine. I did move the needle over to make sure I was sewing 1/4″ seam, but did I move the needle over to the same place every time? I don’t think so. I was a baby quilter and I had a lot to learn! 1/4″ Seam feet are life changing when it comes to quilting. Here is a great introductory into them.

You can tell I wasn’t being consistent on blocks like this…

I had to add borders to so many blocks to make them fit.

I had never hand quilted anything in my life, but I thought I would hand quilt this giant quilt. How hard could it be? How long could it take? I only hand quilted a very small section before I gave up. I will revisit hand quilting again at some point. After this attempt the quilt sat in various closets for years. It was abandoned.

This year I vowed to start finishing up some of my unfinished quilts. I dug this one back out and started quilting.

I decided to use it to try out some Longarm quilting using the Janome Quilt Maker 15 with ProStitcher Lite. One of my favourite features on this machine is quilting in a “wonky” block. My quilt was full of misshapen blocks! This was a match made in heaven! The ProStitcher software lets you define the corners of your block and adjusts the design to fit perfectly making you look like a pro-piecer. You can learn all about it here. It is fascinating and magical!

I was once told if you have a block which bubbles up because it has too much fabric in it, you should just over quilt it. In the video below I choose a very dense pattern to fill a wonky block.

Worked like a charm!

By this point in making this quilt I knew I wasn’t winning any awards with it. I loved playing with the wonky block but I really wanted to have some skills at custom quilting. I figured, what’s the harm in more quilting styles on this quilt? Often when people send their quilt to a Longarmer they are either using a computer guided edge to edge pantograph pattern or they are using a paper pantograph to follow to make the design on the quilt. Both of these things require a lot of skill.

When it comes to custom quilting the Longarmer is creating something very specific to each part of the quilt. It takes a lot of practice to hone this skill. I had to start somewhere and this quilt was it! I’ve always wanted to know how to do this loopy “wishbone” pattern. It took me a bit to get this motion down but you can really see my progress here!

I also had some more wonky squares to fill so I looked to the designs the computer had stitched out and then tried to recreate them. I need a ton of practice but I’m not going to get the practice I need without just jumping in and letting go of the need for everything to be perfect. I bet you can’t even tell which one was done by the computer… lol!

This quilt is a now loved part of our house. Our Husky dog, Milo, has taken over our bed during the day. To attempt to control the muddy paw marks and the excessive hair this quilt now lives on our bed. I think he loves the quilt! This hodgepodge quilt is now a beautiful part of our lives and no one is looking at it close enough to see my learning experiences.

Embrace the journey and get out there and try all the things!!!

Stitch on!


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Sew4Home Mini Sewing Tips – Continental M17

Seeing is Believing: Meeting the CM17 in Person

I’m a firm believer that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without it, we can’t progress, can’t experience new ideas, can’t imagine the next step. But to take full advantage of our creativity, we sometimes need a little help. That means surrounding your awesome self with equally awesome tools. I got to meet one of those awesome creativity boosters recently, in person: the Janome Continental M17.

If you’re a regular follower of Sew4Home and/or Janome Canada, you know we hosted a weekend Trunk Show and Workshop at the Janome Sewing & Learning Centre in Oakville, Ontario.

Working with the Janome Canada staff and meeting all the wonderful attendees was an incredible experience. I love you all!

Janome Canada Educator, Amanda, Liz Johnson, Senior Editor Sew4Home, Michael Smith National Education Manager Janome Canada

Second only to that was to finally get up-close-and-personal with the Janome Continental M17. I’d, of course, read about it online and watched numerous videos, but sitting in front of it and seeing first hand all it could do… Wow. Just Wow.

I encourage all of you to do the same: read those articles, watch those videos, tune into the Lives on social media. But above all, visit your local Janome Canada dealer to try it for yourself. As they say, “seeing is believing.”

The Janome CM17 has a lot of BIG features: hoop size, bed size, number of built-in stitches and designs. Even knowing about these things, it’s not until you’re sitting at that beautifully large color touchscreen, paging through all the options, that it really starts to sink in. “There’s so much here,” you think to yourself. “I’ll never comprehend it all.” But you will! Everything is so well categorized and so intuitive. Not only will you comprehend it, you’ll drink it in so easily, you’ll soon begin to see how you can use the Janome CM17 to go beyond what’s right in front of you. I was already imagining how to combine elements, how to take my creativity + the Janome CM17’s tools and create my own magic.

However, not all my favorite things were the BIG features. There are a number of smaller things I was delighted to discover and experience.

The threading is fool-proof. I will be the first to admit I’ve always been a bit clumsy with any of the automatic needle threaders. This one – nailed it the first time, and every time thereafter — without my glasses! Click on the link below to watch it in action!

That thumbwheel right next to the needle! No need to reach way out to the hand wheel (the machine is quite wide so I do mean reach way out) for precise needle movement. Reach up with one hand and adjust right in front of you. Easy peasy.

Easy tightening levers on the embroidery hoops. If you’ve ever felt you were battling with yourself to get your hoops aligned and your fabric taut, you are going to Love the Lever!

Finally (well — only finally because I’m out of space here), I thought the Dual Touchscreens were fantastic. You have the main screen off to the right as is normal. That puppy is the size of most digital device pads! But, there is also a screen in the exact center, at eye level, that is mirroring the settings of the main screen. Everything is line-of-sight. Brilliant!

My thanks to Michael Smith, National Education Manager of Janome Canada, my Workshop partner in crime, and my patient tour guide of the Janome Continental M17 features and benefits. If you don’t already, please take the opportunity to follow Michael on social media as well as on the Janome Life blog. He does an excellent job of explaining not only the Janome CM17 but many other Janome models. In fact, I was very appreciative that he was able to explain how a feature I was familiar with on an earlier Janome model had been changed/expanded/improved on the Janome CM17. It’s always easier to digest new information when you can relate it to your existing knowledge base. Thanks again, Michael!

Check with your local Janome Canada dealer for more information as well as any individual promotional details they may have available. Right now, the Janome Continental M17 comes with over $7400 of accessories included!

By: Liz Johnson, Senior Editor,

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Tips & Tricks For Sewing Hoodies

There’s nothing like a cozy hoodie to keep you warm during the winter, or a stylish and comfortable sweat/ track suit to wear out during spring! Here are some tips & tricks for efficient sewing and for professional-looking results.

For this blue hoodie, I utilized the Janome CoverPro 3000 Professional for most of the seam work. At the end of the project, I had only serged three seams. How is this possible, you might ask? The 5-thread, top & bottom coverstitch capabilities of the Janome CoverPro 3000P allow us to sew a flatlock seam, which is a convenient, time-saving way to join two pieces of fabric.

You’ve probably heard of flatlock seams in regards to factory made activewear like leggings and workout tops. A flatlock produces a strong seam which lays completely flat with minimal bulk, making it ideal for active wear and comfort. With the Top Cover stitch of the Janome CoverPro 3000P, the raw edges of the fabric are encased on both sides, and the seam has great stretch-ability. As an added bonus, it’s much more efficient than serging a seam and then finishing with a coverstitch.

I recently made a video for Janome Canada social media, demonstrating how to sew the flatlock seam on your Janome CoverPro 3000P. Like everything else, it takes some practice to get it right, but the results are worth it!

The Janome Clear View Foot for CoverPro machines is essential when sewing flatlock seams. With a careful watch over the fabric, you can ensure the raw edge is going right where it needs to be. The part number is: 795818107 if it did not come with your machine. It does come with the Janome CP3000P!

Just look at how professional those seams look. People will be astounded to hear that your hoodie was homemade, and not from a factory! For optimal flatlock results, you’ve got to use the right thread in your looper. Madeira Aeroflock 100% polyester thread is a unique thread designed for coverstitch and serger loopers. I use it in every project now! It’s soft and fluffy, very comfortable on your skin, yet, it’s quite durable and has great stretch-ability. Check with your Janome Canada dealer to order some.

It can be really difficult to find ribbing for sweatshirt cuffs and waistbands, especially if you’re trying to match an odd colour! I would have to scour heaven and earth to find matching ribbing for this blue hoodie, so I decided against that particular expedition and came up with an alternative. Here’s how I approached the cuffs and waistband without traditional ribbing.

For the cuffs, I simply cut the sleeves with an extra 1.25″ of length of fabric at the end. I folded the extra fabric up and sewed a casing using the Top Cover stitch, leaving a small opening. I used the tried-and-true safety pin method to feed elastic through the casing, sewed the two ends of the elastic together, then closed up the casing. Voila!

I used a slightly different method for the waistband. I wanted to replicate the look of ribbing as much as possible. To do this I used a serger to attached a separate piece of fabric to act as a casing. Having a separate casing sewn with a serged seam looks more traditional than the flat-lock in this case. Once the elastic was fed through and the waistband casing was sewn up, I tacked the elastic down in two places to ensure it wouldn’t twist inside the casing. I sewed a straight stitch, lining it up with the side seam to make them as inconspicuous as possible (picture #4 above). Click on the arrows in the photo below to scroll through the gallery of step by step photos.

At one point I was serging through 4 layers: front hoodie pocket, front hoodie piece, and two layers of the casing. That usually makes me nervous, but I was delighted that my Janome AT2000D serger plowed through it with ease. Make sure to use 90/14 size needles when going through that kind of thickness.

As mentioned above, only three seams were serged. The waistband casing, and the two side seams (outlined in red above). Everything else was done on the Janome CoverPro 3000P !; with the exception of the elastic tacking and the hoodie pocket bar tacks, which I did on my Janome HD9, though any sewing machine will do.

All in all, this hoodie turned out quite well. It was my first time using this particular pattern, so next time will be even better. Next up, matching sweatpants (while spring is still here)! One last tip: use metal grommets for the hood drawstring to get that professional look! To ensure these will hold up over time, I like to apply a small piece of medium weight fusible interfacing to the wrong side of where the grommets will be installed.

Stay tuned for more garment sewing tips and tricks! Also be sure to check out Janome Canada social media (Instagram & TikTok) to see fun and informative reels and the Janome HQ You Tube channel for machine videos.

Happy Sewing!

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Janome HQ’s Instagram LIVE TODAY, WEDNESDAY 1pm EST

Join us LIVE at 1pm EST @janomehq Instagram page every Wednesday afternoon for our series, “Janome’s Magical Machine Mystery Tour” as we highlight a different machine in the Janome line. From entry level to Top of the Line; embroidery machines; longarm quilting machines; sergers and MORE, including some fabulous partner products to compliment those machines!

What machine and Janome goodies will we talk about this week? It’s a MYSTERY so you must tune in each week for the big reveal! Don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE presentation, though. They’ll be stored in the IGTV icon on the Janome HQ Instagram Page and later posted as videos on the Janome HQ You Tube channel.

JMMMT Artwork 2

Follow us on the Janome HQ Facebook page to see what’s new at our Janome Canada Headquarters, our Janome HQ,!

Happy Sewing and #sharethejanomelove!

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Today’s Facebook LIVE – Embroidery Cut Work

Celine is back LIVE every Tuesday at 3pm EST on the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page for an entire month of sewing fun and education to help you get the most from your Janome machine!

Today, Celine will show you the how to turn your embroidery machine into a digital cutter using the amazing Janome Cutwork Needle Set, Part Number 202200004. Celine will share her tips for success to achieve clean-cut results.

Though Celine will be demonstrating on the fabulous Janome Continental M17, Janome’s Top of the Line machine, Cutwork needles will work in any Janome embroidery, so everyone can share in the fun!

Janome Continental M17.
Janome Skyline S9
Janome MC9850SE
Janome MC550E

Check out our handy Janome Accessories Guide or click on the Accessories Tab on Janome.CA. to find the presser feet and accessories compatible with your machine. Click the Products tab, then scroll down to find “View all Accessories“. Click there to access the Search Box or to scroll through the pages to find the accessories you’d like. Click on the picture/description to find the Part Number and machine compatibility. And, as always, check with your fabulous Janome Dealer!

Don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE. All of the presentations will be saved under the Videos tab of the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page. Use the Search Box to find all the videos with Celine Ross.

Don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, they will be uploaded to the Janome HQ You Tube channel under the Facebook Live playlist to enjoy whenever you wish!

Happy Sewing!

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How to Deep Clean a Dirty & Neglected Sewing Machine, Pt. 2

We are back with the lovely Janome Memory Craft 6000! Last time we went over cleaning the body of the machine, which you may read about HERE. Today we are going to finish the job!

First, let’s tackle the accessory tray. I started by wiping it down with rags and the blue glass cleaner. I took the old toothbrush and got to scrubbing. The bristles of the brush will get into the little areas where a t-shirt rag cannot. The final and most challenging part was the inserts for the various presser feet and accessories. Because they are so deep, sometimes the toothbrush can’t clean it completely.

Watch this time lapse video to see the amazing before and after!

What you’ll need are narrow, pointed tip cotton swabs. These are able to swab corners and crevices more thoroughly than a regular cotton swab can. I sprayed some blue cleaner on the tips and went to town! I find these narrow cotton swabs at specialty electronics stores or even online.

Next challenge, take a look at the leftover adhesive from this home-made pin cushion in the below photo. Never do this to your machine folks, it deserves better! Unfortunately, these leftover bits proved much too stubborn for our regular cleaning products. In order to remove these bits without damaging the machine, we will have to use special methods.

Our saving grace in this instance is going to be hand cleaner! Yes folks, you read that correctly. The creamy stuff that car mechanics use to clean their hands can be useful on sewing machines in very specific circumstances. Vintage and antique sewing machine restorers use it to clean the entire body of the machine (if the machine’s finish is compatible). It’s great at softening up dirt and adhesives, without eating away at the machine’s paint.

In this case, I apply a thin layer of hand cleaner over the adhesive residue and let it sit for 30 minutes. This will soften up the crusty bits and make it easier to remove. Then, using a wooden chop stick, I gently scrape away the blue residue. I couldn’t get all the residue away with one try, so I had to repeat the process. Eventually, there was no more evidence of that nasty blue pin cushion!

Warning: Hand cleaners containing pumice should not be used on sewing machines. The little pumice grains will scratch the surface of the machine. Instead, find a hand cleaner without pumice. The ones that say ‘original formula’ on the packaging usually contain no pumice.

Finally, let’s tackle the carrying cover. I started with a quick wipe down using the green surface cleaner to remove the surface layer crud. Now this is where the magic happens! Spray some blue glass cleaner onto the magic eraser block a few times. This powerful combination will obliterate almost any dirt or stains that show up on a hard plastic carrying cover. Watch the video below to see how quickly the carrying case is brought back to life when I wipe a section with the cleaning block.

I use this method to clean the rest of the cover, drying the wiped areas with a t-shirt rag. When the block gets too dirty, I rinse it in water, ring out gently, and continue cleaning. One full size magic eraser block should get you through cleaning the entire carrying case.

I hope this blog will inspire you to clean up a sad looking machine you may have laying around, or find at a thrift store. Once your old machine is cleaned up from the outside, you can take it to an authorized Janome service technician to get it up and running and clean on the inside. They will be very happy to receive such a clean machine!

Happy Sewing!

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