Educator Pick of the month: Janome Circular Attachment

Let’s revisit the wonders of the Janome Circular attachment.

Applique and decorative stitching on the Janome MC6700P + Circular attachment

  • Do you think people might think you have been drinking if you try to sew in a perfect circle? Worry no more….we have just the tool for you!
  • Are you intimidated by doing applique circles and having them look ……well, circular? Worry no more, we have the perfect piece of equipment for you!
  • Would you like to learn about how to quilt in a perfect circle without the aid of embroidery or quilting software ? or circle rulers/templates? Let us share this clever way of quilting in circles!
  • Aside from the obvious full circles, do you need help with semi circles, scallops and clam shells? I sure know I do!

This optional Janome Circular attachment  is available in several different part #’s. It all has to do with what BOBBIN COVER you have on your Janome machine model:

  • If your machine has a square shaped bobbin cover, you need part # 202107000
  • If your machine has a rectangular shaped bobbin cover, you need part#202106009
  • If you have a machine models with the Easy set bobbin system, you need Part # 202135007.  That is the system where you wind the bobbin thread tail into that little grey numbered slot to the left of the bobbin and cut the tail off.
  • Full list of Janome models with compatible Circular Attachment part#’s is found here.

Pic courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

Full instructions for making this delightful fold-over clutch (above) may be found on this link over at   which happens to be a project made on the Janome Skyline S5 but really could be made on many of our Janome models with the applicable Janome Circular attachment.

pic courtesy of sew4home

And here is another charming project utilizing the Janome Circular attachment – to quilt these circular hot mats or trivets. I totally love the ric-rac which peeps out of the circle seam! It just adds so much to this fun project.   Link to project instructions.

Pic courtesy of

Notice the Janome Circular attachment in the pic above – this is the one for all our easy set bobbin machines (Skyline series; MC8900 and MC8200 – Special Edition models; MC15000 Quilt Maker; MC9400, MC6700P….did I leave any off the list? Hope not.) So, another great project: quilt your very own tortilla warmer with your Janome circular attachment.  A very similar technique was used for the first and last pic’s in this post: the bright circles on black fabric: applique circles with concentric circles of quilting.

Pic courtesy of sew4home. Use your circular attachment to embellish hot mats or mini oven or microwave mits

More information and some video’s may be found on these links:

  1. Decorative stitching with the Circular attachment. 
  2. Stitching in circles.

Hints and Tips to achieve Janome Circular Attachment success:

  • Make sure that you insert the metal plate on the Janome Circular Attachment into the bobbin cover area properly as you don’t want it to pop out while you are sewing. Stick a small strip of painter’s tape over the top of it to secure if necessary.
  • The newer Easy Set Bobbin Circular attachment has an extra arm to the right with screw to attach to the needle plate. This is very secure.
  • Be careful with the pin on the circular attachment onto which you lower the fabric. The pin goes directly into the centre of your circle – not into your finger….LOL…..ask me how I know!
  • I actually find that a piece of a cork from a wine bottle or an eraser works well to protect me from this pin!
  • If you are working on a larger project – such as a quilt which you wish to quilt in circles using the Janome Circular attachment :  Take care to have a large flat area on which to work.  Put your sewing machine down into your Janome Universal table or be sure to use the extension table around the free arm of your machine (The table with the screw-in  or flip out legs). You will find yourself getting into difficulties with creating good circles if your quilt creates too much drag on the stitching and the quilt is not able to move freely in a circle. You may have to gently aid this process by stopping and smoothly fabric as you go as well as ensuring the fabric moves easily in a circle. Lend a hand but don’t push & pull the fabric.
  • I find that sewing much slower than I would normally do, helps me to move the fabric in a non-jerky and smooth way to assist with the circular sewing.  This does take a bit of practice so if your quilt lends itself to machine quilting in sections or quilt-as-you-go, you might find it easier to work in smaller sections and then sew them all together afterwards. It can be tricky to manipulate a big bed quilt and get perfect results with every circle – It can be done but requires some practice and skill.

So, to review: you may use the Janome Circular attachment to:

  • Sew circles or semi circles of decorative stitching
  • Quilt perfect circles
  • Layer fabrics, sew a circle, cut away the fabric on the outside of the stitching,  sew again with the Circular attachment over the cut edge for a very easy perfect circle applique.
  • Use semi circles for scallops and clam shells – quilting? edges of quilts, table runners, tray cloths and more.

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