Janome has added a new sewing machine, the HD-9 to its professional series of machine models/ 

From a professional elegance to its exceptional robust quality, the HD-9 sews all kinds of fabrics, thin or thick. The HD-9  sews straight stitches only but there are several accessories to perform different precise techniques with straight stitching. By the way – HD stands for HEAVY DUTY! This can sew effortlessly through multiple layers of leather, vinyl. cork, denim, canvas and more …… AND you can also quilt and sew soft fabrics too! 

When I put the HD9 through its paces when it first arrived, I used all the buttons on the machine:

  1. Stitch length
  2. Reverse
  3. Needle up/down
  4. Speed Slider (which goes up to an amazing 1600 stitches per minute!)
  5. Presser Foot pressure
  6. Independent Bobbin Winder (how cool is this? Wind more bobbins without having to unthread the machine!)
  7. Pre- tension disc
  8. Variable adjustment for thick threads (upholstery, leather, 12wt thread and more)
  9. Needle threader
  10. Thread Cutter

The machine comes with all the necessary tools to start your first project.

It is a sewing principle that the length of the stitch should be compatible with the weight of the thread and fabric. I tested threads ranging from 60 to 30   – on thin and very heavy fabrics…. The HD9 handled it all very well…..No worries whatsoever!

Now here are the main features attributed to this robust machine:

Elegant and fast, the HD9 in the professional series of Janome is perfect for sewing and quilting. You’ll find everything you need to make projects quick and easy. 

Since this machine works with regular to heavy threads ranging from 60 to 30, there are unique points to know and understand:

1. Variable adjustment for the single-gauge thread 

2. Two different threads: for regular threads and for heavier weight threads. 

  • Increases thread control
  • Creates the perfect narrowing of a sewing point without having to adjust the tension when using heavier weight threads. 
  • Stabilizes the tension of the thread when sewing through thick fabrics such as leather, cork, upholstery, outdoor fabrics and other heavy fabrics or materials.

3.  The needle plate is graduated and the foot is narrow

4. The HL x 5 needle is specially designed for sewing at high speed stitching

5. The top of the needle is round, the eye is sideways and the threader is integrated.

6. When sewing with an average weight thread, the automatic thread cutter is accessible via the thread cutter button. For the larger gauge threads, this is not a problem either with the new Heavyweight thread Guide. 

Visit the authorized Janome dealer in your local area to test this superb and robust Janome HD-9!

Originally Published on Vie Janome March 6 & 9, 2019 By Celine Ross.  Translated and edited by Anne and Liz.

Ed: Now that Celine has completed her testing phase with this machine, she says she is working on a genuine leather bag ……coming soon we hope.  And Liz has a lovely laptop tote (thick wool felt, vinyl and cork) sewed exclusively on the Janome HD9 to share with you next week ….. so do stay tuned! 

And we have several educators and artisans currently working with the NEW HD Roller foot featured here earlier this month. As soon as we have had time to put this foot through its paces, we will share the goods with you. 


About Anne Stitcher

I am the newest Educator with Janome. While I have been sewing for over 40 years, I'm finding there is always something new to learn in the sewing world. New techniques, new tools and new fabric.
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  1. Jan says:

    How much more HD is the stitching ability of the HD9 compared to the 9400?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jan,

      Am currently enquiring about technical info in order to answer your query.



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jan,

      Stitching ability on both is excellent and capacity of the motors is very similar. The HD9 is a high speed straight stitch model 1600 spm vs the MC 9450 with a top speed of 1060spm so HD9 is 540 spm faster but naturally only sews straight stitch. The main thing that makes HD9 heavy is the Heavy Weight Thread Guide that allows the HD9 to use much heavier threads that are necessary to sew heavier fabrics.

      Hope that answers your query.



      • Jan says:

        Thanks Liz.
        I already have the 9400, so it doesn’t look like the HD9 will be better for heavy projects.


      • lizafrica says:

        Hi Jan,
        The HD9 specializes in heavy duty straight stitching and has the unique heavy/thicker threading system which the MC9400 does not have. So I guess it depends what heavy duty sewing you might be doing.



  2. Daniela Bautista says:

    I still dont understand what is the difference between the hd9 and the 1600pqc. Would it be worth it for me to upgrade?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Daniela

      On this Machine of the month post, you will find a list of all the features of this machine so you will be able to compare with the now discontinued 1600P. The main differences would be: better LED lighting; a dual system of threading: one for regular thread and the other for thicker, heavier thread for applications like sewing upholstery, leather, vinyl etc. And the bobbin is much larger: 1.4 times the capacity of the previous bobbin. It also has new Janome professional series styling with impressive platinum colour.



  3. I just recently bought the HD3000 and really like it, it goes through many layers, just as I wanted. Too bad I didn’t see this one then… I would have jumped at it! 😂👍


  4. Lea says:

    So how big is the throat?


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