We asked you recently “HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?”

We are addressing and answering the input and queries you gave us.

Many of you asked for videos/tutorials and help learning your embroidery digitizing software. Today we refer you to a bunch of new videos taught by Ann Hein, Janome America Educator and Embroidery Software specialist. These videos cover a range of topics for our Artistic Digitizer software. These videos have been published on You Tube. Please use the link below. I think this links to the first video on the list but the others are listed to the right on the You Tube screen and you will be able to click on  them easily. I do believe they will also play automatically one after the other if you leave them to play. Scroll down the right hand side to find more if they are not all grouped together. Or search Artistic Digitizer in the You Tube search box – there actually MANY more videos than just these latest new ones taught by Ann. Possibly you have already watched these other videos? If not, I would highly recommend you do watch them: work systematically through them all, stopping and starting as you have your Artistic Digitizer software open and you follow along  with the steps the tutorials teach you. This will maximize your learning. If you prefer, use a tablet, iPad or second computer to play the video as you work on your software on your PC or Mac.

And another tip: you may need to watch these videos more than once, or possibly many times, until you have mastered your software. Please also note that if you do not regularly use your software, you may “lose” what you have learned. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Clicking on the little play arrow or little video # below will also take you directly to each video.



How to use the Help Files and Printable Help



Keyboard Shortcuts



Making a Split Letter



Paint Stitch New Feature



Setting Up Your Workspace



Where are the Tutorials?



Where did my Welcome Screen go?


Thank you to Ann Hein and Janome America for making these available to you to assist you with getting the most from your Artistic Digitizer embroidery software.

As a reminder: there are also many dozens of video tutorial’s embedded in the Artistic Digitizer software. You will see these at the bottom of your opening screen. DO use them as they have been provided very specifically for you to familiarize yourself with how to use your software. Or you may also find them on this link. 


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