Embroidery Software Snippets: Letters & Monograms

Did you get your free trial version of Janome’s Artistic Digitizer? Click here to see the previous post with all the details. But hurry as the offer is only valid till end of May. 


Adding a monogram to anything is so easy with the Lettering tool. Hover your mouse over “Lettering”, then select “Monogram” from the sub-menu.

Screenshot (232)_LI

When using the lettering tools Text or Monogram, you can easily see your letters change fonts by placing your cursor in the font window and scrolling with your mouse. (Move the box first so that you can see them change in the hoop).

In Monogram, you can place the cursor in the Template window and scroll with your mouse to change the templates (there are 25 choices!) With the frames, once you choose a frame you can hover and scroll too.

Screenshot (231)

Look at some of the different options you can do: Regular Satin Stitch, Applique, Cross Stitch with a Border and Satin Stitch with a stitch pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Screenshot (233)


I know that you will love customizing your monogram to suit whatever item you want to leave your mark on. And a huge shout out to Anne Hein, who is our “software wizard” for creating this content for us.

AND there’s more on monograms tomorrow. Be sure to follow us if you have not already done this as you won’t miss posts that way.

See you soon,



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