As we have just had another free trial of the Artistic Digitizer software which ended on 31st May, we thought we would republish some posts that were written by a former Janome Educator, Yvonne Menear, to give you even more support for your software support. There is special pricing currently on the software if you decide to purchase BY JUNE 15th. Here is a link to more information about the sale pricing. (Please remember we are Janome Canada so if you live outside of Canada, you will need to check with your Janome dealer where you live for the pricing options for your country.) Ed.

Get funky with fonts using the Artistic Digitizer software!  Fonts don’t have to be boring.  You can get as creative as you want with the editing capacity of the Artistic Digitizer software.

Open your Artistic Digitizer program and create a new design work space.  Click on the Text tool text toolfrom the toolbar on the left side of the screen to create your lettering.  Choose a font type and type in text of your choice.  I used all capital letters and typed the word ‘JANOME’ onto the edit box.  Using the drop down menu for the envelope feature I chose envelope #8.  The program automatically positions the text you chose to fill the envelope area.

text envelope

This is a quick and easy way to add interest to the text rather than just a straight line of letters.  Not all fonts stitch well.  I have found that capital letters in a boxy style stitches well compared to some fancy script text.  You will need to test your selection to see if it stitches well for you.

Click on the select toolslection tool to select the entire text message.  Once it is selected, right click>break apart.  This will separate the letters so each letter can be edited separately from the others. Click on every other letter and change the color of the letters with the fill color tool fill colorat the bottom of the screen.  By changing the color of each of the letters the machine will stop and clip the threads between each letter so you don’t have tiny jump stitches to deal with.

color every other letter

Using the selection tool, click on the ‘J’ of the text and then move the cursor over to a corner handle of  the selection box and drag it outwards and upwards to enlarge just the individual letter.  This will emphasize the word more without changing the envelope created.  The wavy flow of letters stays the same.

resize one letter

Click on the text tool text toolto select it and add another line of text below the first line.  Create this line as a standard straight line of text without any added editing features.


Click on the selection tool slection toolto select the entire word.  Once it is selected, right click>break apart.  Now each of the letters can be edited separately.   Color each letter a different color as we did above.fill color  You can click and drag the selection handles on each letter or use the edit dialogue box at the top of the screen to move/skew the letters to any placement you wish to have.

edit handles to change text shapes

To add letters to an existing design with a different font style, simply click on the letter you want to replace and delete it.  Now click  on the text tool again and type the single letter you want to replace with a different font style.  Color it and edit its shape and rotation like you did with the previous letters.

edit font selection
font replacement

There are so many ways to get creative with the Artistic Digitizer software when creating text.  Be sure to watch the built in videos on the opening screen of Artistic Digitizer to learn all about the ways you can use the edit tools to change your text designs.  The videos are a great reference tool!


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