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One Bowl Title

When a friend of mine left a few of these in the lunchroom at work recently, I knew I had to recreate my own version.

These little bowl cozies are so much fun and practical, too!

If you are like me, you are either burning your fingers taking a hot bowl out of the microwave or wrapping a tea towel around the bowl which gets awkward and sloppy.

These little hot pads hold your bowl perfectly, keeping your soup warm and your fingers cool. (Note: these are not to be placed in the microwave!)

This is such a quick project, you’ll want to whip up a few for gifts, as well.

Materials for one bowl cozie:

  • 2 pieces of fabric 10 inches square
  • 2 pieces of batting 9 inches square
  • Coordinating thread


Place one piece of batting to the wrong side of each piece of fabric. Find the vertical and horizontal centre of the fabric and mark with a fabric marker.


For each of the centre lines, mark one inch on either side and then 2 1/4 inches down. DSC_1137

Dart Lines

Connect the marks you just made with a diagonal line (shown by the dotted lines). This is where you will make the darts that will shape your bowl.

To make your darts, fold fabric right sides together to line up the diagonal lines on either side. Sew using a straight stitch.DSC_1138DSC_1139

Sew all four darts on both pieces of fabric.DSC_1142

Once you have sewn all your darts, trim the excess fabric.DSC_1143

Place both pieces of fabric right sides together. Line up the dart seams and pin in place so they don’t shift.

Using a 3/8 inch seam, sew around all four sides except to leave a two inch opening to turn your bowl cozie right sides out.DSC_1144DSC_1145Trip your corners and turn right sides out. Be sure to push out the corners so they are nice and pointy.

Using an iron, press corners and seams.

Turn in fabric from the opening and also press. Top stitch around all four sides to close the opening and create a nice finish.

Finally, warm up your favourite meal in the microwave and enjoy!


What’s your favourite meal to reheat? Do you make a lot of quick-sew projects? What’s your go-to quick-to-make gift?

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5 Responses to One Bowl Wonder

  1. Deb says:

    These are great & I finally made some for myself. Sure save burned fingers,lol. Ladies in my Janome Club also use them for holding cold bowls of ice cream, etc. which I thought is another great use.


  2. Tecla Legge says:

    Thank you for the great quick sew project. My Featherweight group just did something similar, a casserole carrier, but we used Insul-Bright for batting. I love this bowl project with the darts making the bowl, and will use my Insul-bright “leftovers”.


  3. Diane says:

    I have made over 100 of these! Use 100% cotton fabric, thread, and batting. Again all 100% cotton and they are safe in the microwave. Secondly, if they have food on them, they are now not 100% cotton. Wash and dry and they are ready again for the microwave.

    Diane a Janome owner.


  4. dimiller1 says:

    I read where you can use them in the Micro wave as long as you use the microwave batting … doesn’t have scrim or polyester…all cotton. It doesn’t make sense to me, to handle the hot bowl to get it to the fabric bowl….as long as we can use the microwavable batting.


    • janomecanada says:

      Hi Di – we can’t be sure of using in the microwave – but think that they are a cute little project for carrying and serving none-the-less. Thanks for sharing.


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