Successful sewing of fabrics of different textures and weights with Janome Acufeed Flex


Combining different colours and textures, for me, is one of my favourite parts of the whole creative sewing process.

I’ve been working on a number of projects lately that involve different fabric weights or a variety of different materials all together. I love to combine these different textures because it makes for a really interesting and unique finished project!

One of my most recent projects has been this Easter dress for my daughter. Because sometimes you just need a new Easter dress!

I purchased this most beautiful piece of tana lawn fabric which cost me more money that I care to admit to so I wasn’t about to make the whole dress out of this fabric but I knew it would make a lovely accent to a solid colour.


Tana lawn is a silky cotton that only gets softer with washing and use. But it can also be quite slippery to sew with. Especially if it paired with a heavier weight cotton, as was the case with this dress. I was worried that even with pinning it, it would move and shift, causing my seams to buckle and not lie flat.

DSC_4669When in doubt, this is the foot I probably use the most for these types of projects. The Janome Acufeed Flex ( walking foot) evenly feeds layers of fabric through the machine because it has foot grips on the top, which guide at the same pace as the feed dogs underneath your fabric.

Other tips for sewing with fabric of different weights and textures include making sure you use the correct needle. And when in doubt – always put in a fresh needle so it’s nice and sharp! Lately I’ve been working on projects that take me a few weeks at a time to complete so my rule has been that each new project requires a new sewing needle.

Look how beautiful that seam is!


Can’t wait for Sunday for my daughter to wear her new dress!

IMG_5095This is another project that I’ve been working on recently. Can you tell I love the colour purple!?!


This organizer involves vinyl, fabric, zippers AND clear flexible plastic.

DSC_4695This organizer keeps all my leads for dogs shows organized and I can see at a glance what I have on hand! Dog shows are my other life aside from sewing, baking, and home life!

I was worried about how I might keep all the different layers of vinyl, fabric and plastic together without slipping around but a few clips and my Janome Acufeed flex foot / walking foot and we were good to go!


Have you used fabrics of different weights and textures in your sewing projects? What are your tips for making sure they sew up with ease? Any Easter projects on the go?

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11 Responses to Successful sewing of fabrics of different textures and weights with Janome Acufeed Flex

  1. Callye says:

    I made a grandma’s knitting bag with clear vinyl picture frames on the outside of it. Turned out great. I have a Horizon 7700 QPC and the accuflex system made this project a breeze.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Callye,

      Thanks for sharing. We love this Acufeed feeding system highly effective and dont have issues with vinyl that some people report. Great tools make sewing a joy!



  2. Trina,
    Could you please tell me the letters that are on this foot so that I know that I am using the right one?
    Your little girl will be a star 🌟 in that stunning dress. Well done 👍


  3. Lisa says:

    I have an awful time sewing with vinyl. Did you put the vinyl facing your walking foot? Did you use tissue paper to keep it from sticking to the machine? I sure would love to know!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your query. You don’t say what Janome machine model you have but I will offer some suggestions: If you have a model with Acufeed or Acufeed Flex, you may find this foot is all you really need to successfully sew vinyl and other plastics and pleathers etc. We have even sewed on bicycle inner tubes using the Acufeed /Acufeed flex feet. This unique and highly effective “walking foot” system is very efficient indeed. Janome also offers an Janome Ultra Glide needle plate and foot for selected models and the Janome Ultra glide foot (sold separately) for most of our other machine models (7mm and 9mm models). Your local authorized Janome dealer will be able to assist you with these optional accessories. I am not a fan of tissue paper. It tends to blunt my needle and I find it more hassle than it is worth. With the correct tools for sewing vinyls and plastics etc, I don’t think tissue paper is necessary.



      • lisa says:

        Thank you, Liz. I have the MC9400, the 6500 and a small portable Janome 1860 that I take to classes with me. I will try sewing the vinyl at home with the 9400 and its walking foot.


  4. Deon aid Wilson says:

    I use a Janome 6600 and the Accufeed is almost permanently on my machine I have sewn everything from covers for helicopters to wedding dresses and it copes wonderfully


  5. Terry Carter says:

    Trina, I saw your little dress on FB and thought it was so sweet but then saw it agian here and didn’t relate the 2 until you showed the dog lead container. Nice work. You will have to show a picture of your little girl in her dress, Terry


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Terry,

      Yes, we are very thrilled we have Trina on our team of Janome Canada Artisans! She has been wow’ing us for quite a few years with lovely projects and sewing inspiration – all sewed on her Janome Skyline. Glad you like the little dress. I did too – And my guess is we will have one very proud Mommy showing off her precious little girl in this dress this weekend!
      Happy Easter!



  6. Arlene says:

    She will be an Easter sweetie in that dress!


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