Saturday Sewing : Embellishing with the Janome Border Guide foot

You may have wondered what this foot is used for? It does look rather different to other Janome feet.  This  is  the  Janome Border Guide foot.  This foot is available for Janome 7mm and 9mm models.

What are those red lines for and what am I supposed to use this foot for?

All lined up to stitch row 1

For row 2, simply line up row 1 between the 2 red lines on one side of the foot. Repeat on the other side of the foot for row 3…..and so on.

To stitch the in between rows, line up the 2 red inner vertical lines on the foot with the 2 rows previously stitched.

We did an Instagram Live about this foot at the end of April on this foot and here is the link to the video created during that Live presentation. The video explains all the markings on the foot as well as how to use the foot, hints and tips about stabilizing your fabric, some ideas for creativity with this foot, etc.

Sewing Machine covers? What an excellent way to sew out many of the lovely decorative stitches on your machine AND keep your machine dust free while you are not sewing!
This sewing machine cover project may be found over on Here is  the link.

Liz’s version of the sew4home sewing machine cover. It fits a regular sized machine perfectly.

Embellishing zipper baggies? We have done many Janome life posts on this topic – just use the search box to access these.
We also made zipper baggies on our Instagram Lives a while back – here is the link to our Janome Life You Tube channel  playlist for our Instagram Lives where you will find these video mini tutorials: 3 different videos showing how to add the zipper to your baggie…….which could have been embellished with Border Guide foot rows of dec stitches?! Welt pocket zippers, zipper tab method and attaching a zipper with decorative stitching.

Little yellow arrows show the tabs that are added to the ends of the zipper which neatens the baggie closure considerably

Lots of creative opportunities….lots of sewing fun with the Janome Border guide foot?

What creative sewing are you currently doing? 

What Saturday Sewing are you up to today? 

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6 Responses to Saturday Sewing : Embellishing with the Janome Border Guide foot

  1. Heather prevost says:

    Will this work on my 7100qdc


  2. linmidquilts says:

    I am full of questions today. I was able to find out that my MC 12000 is a high shank. Now I need to know if the Border foot which fits Janome 7mm and 9mm models can be used on my MC12000.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi again,
      No, the 7mm border guide foot will not work on 9mm models as the size of the foot is quite different and the bar that clips onto the ankle of the foot holder is different as well. If you have a 7mm border guide foot, please use that on 7mm Jnaome models and purchase the correct 9mm one for your Mc12000.



  3. linmidquilts says:

    Is the MC12000 low shank or high shank for ruler quilting


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