Software Snippets: How to Update Your Software

Part of owning and using Artistic Digitizer Embroidery Software is checking for updates. Updates are done as technology changes and also as more features are offered for use in the software.

To update your software, open Artistic Digitizer and go to the Help tab along the top. Click to open the drop-down menu, then click ‘check for updates’ and follow the prompts.  The process will take approximately 20 minutes depending on your computer’s specifications and your internet capabilities.

Here is what is in the update: The version 8907 contains three major changes and lots of small ones. The first major improvement, which affects only Windows users, is that the software is now 64 bit. MacOS was 64 bit from day 1. This gives you the ability to work with more complex designs, larger images, more undos, more designs without hitting memory limits. The 32-bit version is still there in case there are incompatibilities with drivers.

The second improvement is that we support all USB attached to Janome machines in Browser, which itself is also vastly improved. You can have a USB in your MC11000 for example, or an MC500e, and browse its file system. This feature was up to now available only on machines with WiFi. Available both on MacOS and Windows.

The third improvement is that we have added a new fabric, felt, the same one that comes as free sample with new machines.

Thanks Anne for putting this together for us!

To watch a short video showing the process, click here.

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