Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer: What are Symbols?

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And here is the next post offering good information about using features in the Artistic Digitizer software. 

In the world of typography and fonts, you will sometimes find a font called a ‘dingbat’ font. What is a dingbat? (No, it’s not the crazy person at your family reunion…) Dingbats are non-typographic elements that can enhance your work by adding variety and functionality. There are lots of free dingbat fonts that you can use for free!

To find them, click Tools -> Insert Symbol

When the dropdown window opens use the Font drop down arrows to find your dingbat font and select it. The entire group of dingbat designs will show in the window. Select the one you want >insert then click and drag to get the shape!

The other reason this feature is so helpful is if you need to embroider text from another language. Many of the fonts have additional letters with accents on them so that translation can be accurate.

Below are just a sampling of what our educators have created using the Symbols feature? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Responses to Look what you can do with Artistic Digitizer: What are Symbols?

  1. Carlotta Stoudt says:

    Glad to have found your blog! Three weeks ago I purchased an MB7. I have downloaded the free Artistic Digitizer and trying some of the features. I would like to try digitizing Free Standing Lace. Is there an Artistic Digitizer tutorial I could follow?


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Carlotta,

      I’m not sure as we have so many resources on offer. Have you done a thorough search of this blog, Janome Life? Have you also looked at Janome Sewing machines on You Tube and Facebook – I would be quite surprised if Janome America did not have something on FSL?
      We here at Janome Canada are planning on a series of Christmas/ holiday projects coming up next month and December so quite possibly we will be offering something soon.

      FSL does require a specifically digitized design as there is no fabric so the underlay needs to be able to support the embroidery. Not just any design will work. It is possible to stitch over tulle which adds a little more support and is then cut away afterwards along the edge of the design. There are LOTS of designs out there and possibly maybe even one or 2 built into your MB7?
      You need to use a good, sturdy wash away stabilizer which will support the stitches during the embroidery and until you wash it out once done.
      That is just a couple of pointers to start you off.



  2. Kelly Sang says:

    Below are just a sampling of what our educators have created using the Symbols feature? This line makes no sense, where are the samples the educators have created??


    • Liz Thompson says:

      The link immediately below the greeting from Janome Girl offers a list of Blog posts we have already done so that you can find them easily. Just click on each or do a search in the search box if you prefer that for a longer list of posts.



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