Easy Winter Sewing with Jalie and Janome

PJs are a super popular option when it comes to sewing for kids and adults for the cold season. The Jeanne knit PJ pattern is very easy to sew and its fit makes it a great choice for sleepwear or thermal layer.

There are many amazingly cute cotton jersey prints available. This one is from Bibs and Boots Fabrics. It has the perfect weight and stretch for the project. For the cuffs and neck band, we are using 1×1 rib knit.

Jalie 4016 - JEANNE - Knit PJ Set

The pattern used is the JEANNE knit PJ set, which includes sizes for kids, adults and plus sizes, all in the same envelope!

Pieces for the PJ Top
Pieces for the PJ bottoms

Assembling the top

One of the great things about this project is how quick it is to sew up. We assemble everything with our beloved AT2000D Air thread serger:

We marked the center (fold) of our sleeves to make it easy to attach to the armhole without fuss. Once the shoulders are sewn and the sleeves attached, it is time to sew the side and underarm seams:

A fun and easy way to attach cuffs

After the top of the PJ is assembled, all you need to do is to add the cuffs. We always prefer sewing all cuffs (wrists and ankles) at the same time. This way, there is less thread changing involved and we save some time.

Fold your pieces in half, right sides together, ends together. Fold top end back by 6 mm (1/4”).

Topstitch along the fold (about 1/8” – 3 mm) from top to bottom edge using a straight stitch (no need to stretch the fabric). We used the Janome Mc6700P for these steps.

It might look awkward but, trust us, if you don’t like fiddling with layers – especially with tiny cuffs in kids sizes – you will really enjoy using this method.

Fold the band in half (bottom edge with top edge), right sides together and stitch as close to the first stitch as possible.

This step holds the cuff in its final shape, all layers together, seams perfectly aligned and straight:

No need to baste the raw edges, no layer sliding, they will stay like this when you attach them to the openings.

Pin cuffs to openings, matching seams (for the wrist, align the cuff seam with the underarm seam, for the pants, align with the inseam).

For the neck band, sew the ends right sides together and press the seam allowance open before folding it wrong sides together. Mark quarters and pin to the right side of the neckline:

Sew with the Janome serger (you can baste first with a zigzag if desired), stretching the band – not the neckline – to fit the opening.

Bring the seam allowance towards the bottom and topstitch 3 mm (1/8”) from edge.

Fold the top hem to the wrong side and topstitch with a zigzag.

PJ Bottoms

Assemble the pants with your Janome serger too.

Start with the sides, matching notches. We include notches in all our patterns to help with assembly.

Next, sew the back and front crotches, right sides together.

Bring the inseam right sides together, matching your crotch seams and stitch from one ankle to the other.

You may want to reinforce the seam where the inseam and crotches meet.

Overlap your elastic ends and stitch together.

Divide elastic and waist opening in four equal sections and pin the elastic to the wrong side of the waist opening, matching the pins. Stitch along the top edge with a zigzag, stretching the elastic – not the fabric – to fit the opening.

Fold the sewn elastic to the wrong side of the pants and topstitch with a zigzag. We like to add a folded ribbon to indicate where the back is. Sew the ankle cuffs to the pants, aligning the cuff seam with the inseam.

You’re done! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you will have fun making PJs for you and your loved ones.


– Jalie JEANNE knit PJ pattern
– Janome AT2000D Air thread serger
– Janome Memory Craft 6700P
– Jersey knit from Bibs and Boots

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  1. Jan L Johnson says:

    Great info but I need more info on this cuff method, is there a video or more info somewhere I can look at, thank you


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Jan
      This was a guest blog post from our Janome Canada artisans Jalie. I will see if they can add to what they already provided with fairly clear photos or you could contact them directly at Jalie.com.



      • Liz Thompson says:

        Hi Jan,
        I checked with Jalie and no, they do not have a video at this time showing this technique. However, I did read the post again with the photos and instructions and it seemed fairly simple and clear. Why don’t you give it a try while following along in the post? I am for sure going to try this myself as it looks like it will be much easier.



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