Have you heard of Janome HQ?

Have you recently purchased a new sewing machine? Are you perhaps new to sewing, or have you recently dusted off the old machine after a long while and wondered what all the presser feet and accessories were for and how to use them?

Are you a Janome MC15000 Quiltmaker owner, or perhaps you purchased the Janome 9mm Accessory Case and wondered what all those empty slots in the presser foot tray were for? What presser feet fit in them?

Have you heard about Janome HQ?

Ok, enough with the questions! lol! Time for some ANSWERS! If you’ve wondered about any of the above, I have those answers for you!

I’d like to officially welcome you all to Janome HQ! (short for Janome Headquarters) Our Janome Canada headquarters is in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (about 30 mins west of Toronto) at the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre.

Janome Sewing and Learning Centre (2)

As National Consumer Education Manager of Janome Canada, my job, (and my passion) is to help YOU get the most from your Janome machine; to hopefully inspire you to try new things, gain new skills, and to take advantage of all the fabulous things Janome has to offer you. Or, quite simply, as I often say, to share in the Janome Love!

We created a new Instagram Page @janomehq and a new Janome HQ You Tube Channel to bring you MORE: more education; more instructional videos; more opportunities to have your questions answered on the spot through Instagram Live @janomehq, and more is in the works, too! We’re here for you!

We kicked things off with a new series called “A to Z with Janome” – a “how-to” guide which features many of the presser feet often included with many Janome machines, like the Buttonhole foot; Overcast foot; Rolled hem foot; Zipper foot and MORE! As well, we show a variety of the fun, optional presser feet and accessories, which help make whatever the task quicker and easier, and more fun, like the Applique foot; Piping foot; Circular Attachment; Gathering foot, and MORE! Who doesn’t want to have more fun?! lol!

All the videos, which were made from @janomehq Instagram Live presentations, are now available on the Janome HQ You Tube Channel. Select the playlist “A to Z with Janome” (there are other playlists for other videos, too!) and be sure to “subscribe” and hit the notifications “bell” so you’ll know when new videos are posted!

JHQ A to Z with Janome HQ

Since Janome has SO many fabulous optional presser feet, accessories and attachments for your machine (available from your Janome Dealer), the next Janome HQ series is called “Janome’s Awesome Accessory Countdown”! I’ll be showing 12.

JAAC Title Page

A BIG shout out to our Janome Canada Parts and Notions Coordinator, Tania Denyer, for her adorable artwork!

Join me LIVE on Instagram at 1pm EST @janomehq, but don’t worry about trying to remember all the details, lol! If you “Follow” the Janome Life Blog, you’ll receive an e-mail notification every Monday morning about the upcoming @janomehq and @janomecanada (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Instagram Live presentations for the week. Set an alarm on your phone, and you’ll remember to tune in LIVE!

Don’t worry, though, if you join in late, or can’t tune in LIVE. You can review past @janomehq presentations at your leisure on IGTV (the TV with antenna icon) on the main Instagram page of Janome HQ, or watch the videos once posted to the Janome HQ You Tube channel (usually a day or two later).

At the time I write this, The Janome Sewing and Learning Centre is still closed to the public due to COVID-19, so in-person classes are on hold, for now. However, we’re developing on-line classes and will continue to bring you more on-line through social media, so please “follow” us on Instagram @janomehq, share photos of what YOU have made with your amazing Janome machines, presser feet and attachments at our new hashtag #sharethejanomelove and “subscribe” to the Janome HQ You Tube channel, so we stay connected!

As well, please write me at Classes@janome-canada.com (sorry, no link, type address in a new e-mail server) to be put on the mailing list for upcoming classes, and to give us feedback as to what you’d like to see for upcoming Instagram Live presentations.

Stay safe and Happy Sewing!

About janomeman

As Janome Canada's National Consumer Education Manager, I'm SEW excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and all things creative with everyone at our fabulous new Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Have an idea for a class, or to be put onto our mailing list, E-mail me at classes@janome-canada.com
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16 Responses to Have you heard of Janome HQ?

  1. Jill Cairns says:
    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Jill,
      We have tried to contact you using the the name and email address attached to this comment but we have been unsuccessful. Our email just bounced back and the dealer does not have a record of your purchase under this name. Please can you reply with your name and Tel Number and we will contact you. Many thanks.
      Janome Canada


  2. Katherine Quinn says:

    I so appreciate all the support available to guide me in using my 9400 as I need answers. It means I enjoy using my sewing machine and am able to learn and not muddle through.


    • Liz Thompson says:

      Hi Katherine,
      Did you do a search in the search box on our home page of Janome Life to see the many posts we have done on the Mc9400 and MC9450. Maybe you already looked at these posts and many videos linked to the posts? If not, I think you will find these very useful. And we will be continuing with these posts – our artisan Melissa Marginet has the Mc9450 and will be doing regular posts on the Mc9450 which is very much the same as your Mc9400.



  3. vqfriend says:

    Recently purchased a Continental M7, and my question is there is a yellow dot bobbin case in my machine at time of purchase, is this correct or should it be a red dot bobbin case? Also, I have tried using the blue dot bobbin case when doing free motion and it causes the bobbin thread to bunch up and jam the machine?? Your thoughts please.


    • lizafrica says:

      Yes, the bobbin case in the M7 when you bought it with a yellow marking is correct. It does not have a red marking which differentiates it from other machines. It is not a yellow DOT bobbin case. It is a special bobbin case for the M7.
      Are you using the CORRECT blue dot bobbin case for the M7? Because this machine has a different and unique system, you need the Blue dot bobbin case for the M7 and not the ones we have for other machines.
      Your dealer should have the correct part numbers for you.



  4. MARY McBride says:

    Hi! I am sewing with an older Janome machine that was my mothers. I am ready to purchase a new one but I am confused by all the series. I am quilting and would like a machine that will grow with me. I would like to free motion quilt. I read about machines that have a ‘quilt’ stitch. Heirloom sewing is also intriguing.
    Is it better to have an embroidery/quilting machine or two separate machines.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help. If you are quilting, I’d like to suggest that you look at the Skyline series as a start. These offer 8.25 inches of throat space and quilting stitches as well as free motion etc. The S5, S6 or S7 would be good places to start. The S9 is a sewing and embroidery combo machine.
      If you want more throat space (which most quilters need and want) You would need to look at the MC6650 or Mc6700P which has 10 inches of space. The advantage of the Mc6700P is that it has ACUFEED Flex – our fabulous walking foot system which is a huge advantage to quilters. The Mc6650 does not have this although some of Skylines have this: S7, S9.
      If 10 inches is not enough space, you would then need to move up the line to the MC8200 or MC9450 which have 11 inches of space and many more features.
      Our top of the line sewing and quilting machine is the Continental M7 with almost 14 inches of space – the largest in the sewing industry.
      And our top of the Line combo sewing and embroidery machine is the MC15000 which is actually called the Quiltmaker. It has great quilting features too including Acufil quilting which is Janome’s fabulous system of using the embroidery hoop to quilt. Brilliant!

      You can go to our website http://www.janome.ca and click on Products >>Machines where we give lots of specific information about each machine as well as the manual and brochures to download.

      All of the machines I mention here have the hand look quilt stitch and many heirloom sewing stitches.
      You would need to decide for yourself if you would prefer a combo sewing and embroidery machine or 2 separate machines. The advanatge of 2 machine sis that you can be sewing on one and embroidering on another – at the same time!

      I am not sure what your budget is, but my suggestion would be to go for the one with a price close to the top of your budget as youcan then get more machine and can grow into its features. It is an investment so you want it to have many features which you can learn over time and use when you have mastered the techniques.

      We offer lots of support here on Janome Life (where you can do a search for most of the models I mention) as well as on our You Tube channel called Janome Life.

      Good luck with your decision making.



  5. David White says:

    Dear Friends,

    This contact with folk who know Janome is a great boon as far as I am concerned.  I own a Janome 500e.  Currently I am having to wrestl with tension issues.  Hand towels have been stitching wonderfully, but now as I have swithed to stitching embroidery squares on cotton squares, I need to adjust so that the bobbin thread does not come up to the top.  There is not enough information for my poor brain as I try to make the correct adjustment.  Have you got any information for the likes of me? Yours sincerely,  David White


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi David,
      You are a very long way away from us here in Canada. I would like to suggest that you contact your local Janome Dealer in Australia or Janome Australia for advice. Are you using the YELLOW dot bobbin case which comes standard with the Mc500E. That is a bobbin case with higher tension so it should help to keep the bobbin thread to the back of the embroidery. If you are using this bobbin case and the tension is still off, you might need to have your machine serviced or tweaked.



  6. Nancy Smith says:

    I have looked for a tutortial on the using of magnets and hoops with a full size quilts. When i’m working with the hoops magnets the magnets pop off. I feel the magnets clips are not adequate. My machine is 15000.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Are you referring to the smaller magnets for the SQ23 and GR hoops or the larger ones for the ASQ22 hoop? Both sets of magnets come wit the Mc15000. I am wondering if you are trying to use the smaller ones on the ACufil hoop? If so, they were not designed for that and will for sure pop off.

      Did you ask your local Janome Dealer for assistance and /or get your Owners lessons with your dealer? These are the sorts of things your dealer would show you in these lessons.

      There is a tremendous amount of information on Acufil quilting ( using the ASQ22 hoop and magnets to quilt your quilts) right here on Janome Life. Please just type Acufil quilting in the search box. Also on @janomeHQ – Instagram and You Tube. I know Janome America has also done many videos on this topic on their Facebook Lives and You Tube channel. Search for Janome Sewing Machines and/or Jnaome America.
      I hope that got you pointed in the right direction. Unless you tell me differently, I think you are trying to use the incorrect magnets for the task.



  7. Cindy Dickerson says:

    Is the Janome Accessory 12 Countdown about the feet that go into the empty slots for the Janome Quilt Maker?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cindy,

      I’m not sure as I don’t think Michael has indicated what feet he will do in this new series. But it will be different feet to the ones he just finished in teh A-Z series. If there is a specific foot or feet you are interested in, please let us know.



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