Sharing the Love of Sewing – Building a Fabric Stash

No matter which creative endeavor you pursue, you need a variety of supplies on hand to complete the project. In the kitchen, a well stocked pantry is often the key ingredient to creating a successful, sumptuous meal. In the sewing room, a well stocked fabric inventory; often referred to as our “stash” is not only a great source of inspiration, it’s also a good place to “shop” to find just the right fabric with the colour, visual texture, or print you need.

The schools who receive the boxes of fabric and sewing supplies collected as part of the I Love Peoples Sew and Sew Program will definitely be building a good, useful fabric stash with all the fabric so generously donated by many of our Janome fans and by Figo Fabrics and Northcott Fabrics. Watch the little video below as I open the box from Northcott Fabrics to see all the beautiful, luscious fabric!

Fabric, Fabric and MORE Fabric, generously donated by Figo Fabrics and Northcott Fabrics.

When I asked Figo Fabrics, which is a division of Northcott Fabrics, if they’d consider donating some fabric, I really had no expectations of the amount; whatever they might donate was great. I was VERY pleasantly surprised and excited when this big, heavy box arrived at my door a few weeks later. WOW! I felt like it was Christmas opening the box! I can only imagine how the new, budding young sewists will feel. They will have lots of fabrics and supplies to go along with their new Janome 2030QDC machines, which Janome Canada donated.

You too, can build a terrific fabric stash at home with a few tips I share in the video below.

Build your fabric stash with good quality fabrics in various colours and prints.

Of course you’ll want fabrics in different colours, and there’s so many cute prints in every theme, every genre out there, so you’ll definitely want some of those. Also consider the scale of the print or design in the fabric, as well. A big, bold print will be lost if you cut it up too small, so consider leaving those for bigger blocks with little or no piecing, or for borders, or backing fabric. A smaller scale print will read solid from a distance, which will help break-up and define a pieced block around it. It also gives a place for your eyes to “rest” before going on to look at another block with lots of colours or with lots of piecing.

Many of our Janome Dealers also carry fabric, so perhaps you might even find Figo Fabrics and Northcott Fabrics in their store! They’ll help you select just the right fabrics; colours, textures and prints for your project, which will also help you build a well rounded fabric stash so you can create whenever the inspiration strikes!

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who donated to our I Love First Peoples Sew and Sew Donation Drive. It was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy Sewing!

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