Embroider a Linen Blouse

Blouse purchased for $9

This linen blouse is ‘naked’; plain, a little boring and it’s perfect to embellish to personalize it. Let’s add some extra value to the blouse by adding some embroidery! The weave is quite open so it is necessary to avoid seeing the stabilizer through the fabric. I opted for Madeira’s Super Film, which is a heavier stabilizer which dissolves with the heat of the iron.

Janome Canada is an importer of Madeira stabilizers, so they’re conveniently available from Janome Canada Dealers.

Notice the small dots on the back of the stabilizer which makes it rough and it is this side that must touch the fabric. That added texture helps grip the fabric to keep in place, but it’s also part of the magic construction of this disappearing stabilizer. It is inserted into the hoop along with the fabric to be embroidered.

Fabric and stabilizer in the hoop, taken from the underside.

When the embroidery is finished, the excess stabilizer must be removed; it can be cut away, then the embroidery piece ironed. The heat of the iron melts the stabilizer which forms small balls of dust. Do not worry, this operation leaves no trace on the soleplate of the iron.

Remove the excess stabilizer by cutting away what you don’t need, then press the backside of the embroidery with a hot iron to dissolve the remainder of the stabilizer.

The embroidery is finished. The result is perfect and the fabric is flat and free of puckers. I chose light, open patterns which are quite airy and are all from the same family of designs.

Embroidery pattern integrated into the Janome Continental M17.
Stitching of the yoke and decorative stitching around the collar adds a unique designer touch.

I also stitched the yoke seams in the front and back with a triple stitch so that the seams were more apparent. Since the Janome Continental M17 offers new stitch categories, I chose a pattern from the “Botanical” category to enhance the collar. I used a tone-on-tone rayon thread.

Pay attention to the buttons in the first photo; they are common and slightly thick, so I changed them to more delicate mother-of-pearl buttons. The seven buttons were sewn with the Janome Button Sewing Foot (T) and its specific function in the “Buttonhole” category. Sewing a button on by machine is such a time saver!

Sewing buttons with the Janome Button Sewing Foot (T) foot and the built-in Button Sewing function many Janome machines.

I pushed the coquetry by adding new small patterns, which are built-in to the machine, between the buttonholes… WOW!!! They make the shirt come alive!

Small personalized summer blouse which is now UNIQUE!!!

Janome Canada is a distributor of Madeira stabilizer so check with any Janome Canada dealer for the fabulous Madeira Super Film, and other Madeira stabilizers. They play such an integral role in any embroidery project.

Happy Sewing!

About Céline Ross

À cause des imprévus de la vie, j'ai changé de carrière très tôt dans ma jeune vie d'adulte. Toute mon éducation scolaire, du primaire au secondaire et jusqu'au professionnel, m'a été enseignée par les religieuses CND qui étaient... très exigeantes. Ces professeurs m'ont inculqué le goût de bien apprendre, l'appréciation du travail bien fait et l'envie de toujours me perfectionner. Je n'aurais jamais osé ouvrir mon École de couture sans cette formation ni cette certification. Lorsque je deviens revendeur autorisé Janome en avril 1982, la compagnie poursuit ma formation côté machine à coudre et je deviens Éducatrice. Mon travail est varié; je donne des formations aux marchands Janome pour l'Est du Canada et d'ailleurs. Je participe à des Salons, à Janome Institute, je publie un cyber bulletin, j'ai fondé un 'Club de broderie' à Montréal en 1994 et, depuis l'année dernière, chez d'autres marchands. Je confectionne des échantillons avec les nouveaux produits que Janome ne cesse de développer. Et, depuis aujourd'hui, je blogue ! Après toutes ces années dans ce domaine, je garde toujours le même enthousiasme à apprendre et à transmettre mes connaissances. Janome est à la fine pointe de la technologie moderne et ne cesse de me faire progresser.
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8 Responses to Embroider a Linen Blouse

  1. Susan Keegan says:

    Simply gorgeous! Love every detail from the pearl finished buttons to the stitching. The embroidery and straight stitching are perfection. Your attention to detail makes this garment one of a kind fabulous!


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you for your compliments, Susan! Celine’s expertise and love of sewing shows in everything she does. Her samples are always so well executed, in part thanks to her Janome machines and accessories, lol! So glad you enjoyed today’s blog.


  2. CherylAnn says:

    Céline, I love what you have done with this blouse. I am sure going to try embellishing some clothes with my new Continental M17, when it arrives and is in its new home. The space is ready and waiting for that M17, hopefully it arrives at my Dealer’s today.


    • janomeman says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Cheryl. The CM17 can do it all so you will indeed love experimenting and learning your fabulous new machine. It’s well worth the wait! Happy Sewing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • CherylAnn says:

        Michael, The wait is over. My CM17 is set up and ready to go. I already have 0 minutes of stitching but 39 minutes of playing with the set-up. I haven’t figured out the clock yet, but I will later today. Pesky appointments are in the way of playing on her this morning. I do have a question though. Where are the little stickers that go on the bed of the machine and also the little felt pads. I found the sticker for the threading path but the others haven’t surfaced. If I can’t find them, where or what can I get to replace therm.


      • janomeman says:

        YAY!!! That’s fabulous news, Cheryl! So happy your new machine is finally home with you safe and sound. Now the fun truly begins! The clear adhesive circles to protect the bed of the machine are in the bag with the warranty card, I believe. They’re clear so they’re easy to miss. Be sure to go through everything; open the Quick Start Guide and the Contents pages in case they’re hiding in there. If anything is actually missing from the box, contact your dealer and they’ll go about getting a replacement if need be. We can’t wait to see all the marvelous things you’ll create with your new CM17m so be sure to tag us #janomecanada #janomehq #sharethejanomelove on our social media! Happy Sewing!


  3. Diann says:

    What a great job you are so good at what you do just love it.


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