Personalized Easter Treat Bags

Hard to believe but Easter is almost here!

The only thing I like more than sewing bags, is personalizing bags for special occasions. I’ve made Halloween bags, Valentine’s Day bags, and now Easter bags!

These little bunny ear bags are so adorable. You can find a number of different versions of them. I made these super easy with a simple lining and just tied a ribbon around the top to close.

I made a template for the bunny ears so they were all cut out the same size, and cut the exterior and interior fabric 8 inches x 10 inches.

The bunny ears were super cute and I lined them with a bit of quilt batting that I had on hand to give them a bit more dimension. It also allowed them to stand up when the bag was closed.

I used my favourite Janome foot, the HP (High Performance) foot and HP Needle Plate to assemble the bags. I can’t get enough of that straight-line stitch!

The bags were super cute all on their own, but I decided to do a little extra, though, to personalize the bags with the recipient’s first initial monogramed on the front.

I found an appliqué embroidery file with the initial in the middle, which I think is an adorable addition to the bag.

It is so easy to move from sewing to embroidery work on the Janome Skyline S9. A quick change of the foot, attach the embroidery arm, and press one button on the LCD screen you are ready to go.

In addition, the WIFI capability on this sewing machine makes it so easy to send designs to and from my iPad to set up the embroidery files for editing.

How adorable is this appliqué monogram? I love the detail of the top stitch on top of the borders.

The Janome apps make it really easy to monitor the progress of embroidery projects. One of my favourites is AcuMonitor. Through the app, you can check the status of your project, get a stitch count and even get a notification of a broken thread – even if you are in another room.

All ready for the Easter Bunny!

I can’t wait to share these!

Do you have any Easter sewing projects on the go? It’s just around the corner!

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2 Responses to Personalized Easter Treat Bags

  1. M.Emerton says:

    Very nice but where are the cutting instructions,sewing instructions?


    • janomeman says:

      Hello! There are many times on Janome Life where we provide step-by-step instructions for projects, like our Saturday Sewing posts and exclusive projects from Sew4Home. At other times, though, we share projects as a spring board to spark your creativity. As Trina described in her post, there are many sources to find Easter Bunny ears, but she instead just cut out the shapes herself in what looked like a bunny ear to her. The bag itself is a rectangle of fabric, as shown in her photos, but what size is up to you. There’s a lot of creative license in a project such as this, so have fun playing! Trina gave us some useful tips with what presser feet and machine functions she used, which can also be adapted to whatever machine you may have. Let your creativity soar! Happy Sewing!


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