Madeira Stabilizers

For me, this was a no-brainer. Ask me what is one of my favourite things I use in my sewing room, and the selection of Madeira Stabilizers definitely ranks among them. I use them all the time and save every scrap as it’s such a versatile product.

Madeira Stabilizer Starter Pack #9449

No matter which Janome sewing or embroidery machine you have; no matter what type of sewing you may do, using a stabilizer to help beef-up and support your fabric can have a direct impact on the results. Not using a stabilizer, and/or not using the correct stabilizer can definitely be the make or break factor, meaning success or try again. We’ve written many previous blogs on Janome Life all about the different stabilizers available and how to choose the correct one for your project.

Janome Canada is a distributor of Madeira Stabilizers, so you can find them, or order them conveniently from your Janome dealer. You will find lots of information about Madeira stabilizers in our Janome Canada Partner Products Catalogue on Janome.CA.

Most of us who embroider are familiar with stabilizers as they are a must-have item. Standard size rolls of Madeira stabilizer come in a handy clamshell package, which protects the stabilizer from drying out and prevents it from wrinkling, but it can also hang on the wall for convenient storage. I keep mine in magazine holders so I can keep several types at my fingertips near my machine at all times.

After you’re finished a project, don’t throw away the left-over stabilizer as it’s the perfect extra support needed when sewing buttonholes, decorative stitches, and when mending on the sewing machine.

I keep my stabilizer scraps in shallow drawers near my sewing table so they’re always handy when I need them.

Larger cuts of stabilizer get tucked next to the drawer unit, and smaller scraps of iron-on and tear away Madeira stabilizer gets folded in a drawer. You could further organize the stabilizer by colour, as well, since many of the different types of stabilizers come in black as well as white.

Another drawer is for the larger water-solvable stabilizers scraps, which is a great topper to use when stitching buttonholes on knit fabrics, and to held remedy skipped stitches on the serger when stitching super-stretchy fabrics with a high lycra/spandex content.

Smaller water-solvable scraps get stuffed into a spray bottle which I’ve labeled “Water-Solvable Stabilizer” as you don’t want to mix it up with regular water or spray starch. Fill the spray bottle with hot water and swish around to help dissolve the stabilizer and you have a liquid stabilizer to spray onto your fabric to help beef if up to support decorative stitches or embroidery where you don’t want to use and remove another stabilize. Saturate the fabric and allow to dry, then press with an iron to smooth out the wrinkles. It really works well, and again, nothing goes to waste, so don’t worry about skimping on stabilizer. Better too much than too little.

If you have a fabulous Janome CM17, or find one under your tree this Christmas, Janome Canada now has larger rolls of different types of Madeira stabilizers to accommodate the large RE46d 11×18.1″ embroidery hoop. If your Janome dealer does not have them in stock in the store, they can order them in for you as they’re IN STOCK in our Janome Canada warehouse.

E-Zee Tear Plus – Crisp 1.8oz 23″x50 yard roll #18-23-50

There’s sew many fabulous goodies from Janome, so be sure to check out the Janome Canada Holiday Gift Guide on Janome.CA and contact your nearest Janome dealer for details. They may also have their own special Holiday promotions going on to share more of the Janome love!

Happy Sewing!

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2 Responses to Madeira Stabilizers

  1. Vanessa Harris says:

    Great information. I’m afraid I didn’t know what stabilizer it use with each project, so have done very little embroidery. I have the 15000 and the 550E which I tend not to use.


    • janomeman says:

      Hi Vanessa. I highly recommend The Madeira Stabilizer Starter Pack as it’s a terrific resource for helping choose which stabilizer to use. It has large sheets of 12 different stabilizers and a booklet listing which stabilizer to use for various fabrics/ projects, so it removes a lot of the guesswork. It’s available from any Janome Dealer. Happy Sewing!


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